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    My mates at game Chant of the day. After Leeds scored the bloke in front of us started singing Peter Sutcliffe he's one of your own.
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    I am not a magician, that’s what Conti just said, and that makes me believe that he has already figured out that a complete overhaul has to be done. We as fans and the board will have to exercise patience because i feel if we don’t do it with this guy, then I’m at a loss.
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    I'm not expecting anything too dramatic with regard to the "Conte effect" upon the team but I am hoping to see extremely positive signs concerning the formation and system we try to play. He's had a couple of weeks now to try and get across his methods of managing and getting everyone to know the roles he wants them to play. I'll settle for a comfortable win and willingly excuse the odd slip up as long as the strategy is clearly visible and the players have adapted to it well and willingly. Whoever is selected today can be expected to form the nucleus of his regular first team provided they demonstrate the quality, passion and commitment he looks for in his players. Failure to do so will mean someone else is given the opportunity of rising to the occasion, with the January transfer window only a matter of weeks away now.
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    Hopefully conte has watched enough videos now to realise where are massive weaknesses are but if he plays Winkle and keeps playing diarrhoea that's a sign that he's missing something. But you're right it will be interesting with the midfield as we have no skip suspended I think Hoijberg is ok I've seen him in training? Wetherby playing at Wing backs I've just got another I've got to get back and block any gaps that we're going to leave. Stevie and a few of the others had a really good international break so their mojo should be back with balls through to sunny and kane we should be firing up front
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    We are truly abysmal. It's perhaps a bit tough to be picking out players for special criticism, but Royal, Reguilon, Winks and Dier are just not good enough. I suppose Royal should be given a chance, but I reckon long term we will end up with Doherty and Sessegnon as our wing backs. One other thing - when Kane was scoring all those goals for England, it was he was getting in the box, but for Spurs he plays like a DM
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    SPURS Vs Leeds Utd Sunday Nov 21st 16.30 KO

    How many stray passes during the 1st half? No surprises with Winks - playing complete shite as usual, needs to be replaced at half time. Still no shots on target (have we had any shots at all?). Just shows that it doesn't matter who we have as manager, as long as we have shite players that constantly pass backwards and have zero creativity we will continue to be pathetic!
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    Please let Newcastle buy him he is dog shite
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    The Kings Of White Hart Lane Pub

    Boy racing ...those were the days. Having to rethink the new car because of problems regarding my works pension which is paid by an American company into the UK. It's currently on hold pending legal complications so simply cannot indulge in extravagant expenses at this time just in case I lose it altogether. The joys of working in the UK for an American company and the Brexit fallout. Fingers crossed it gets sorted soon.
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    Tanganga in good,oh dear winkle and Dierrhoea, how does Sanchez and Rodon not get a chance? He needs to be looking at makenday and Harvey white players that can come in over Winkle
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    To be fair i can see a 3 goal victory for Spurs as they start to believe again.
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    New android app in the Google playstore for watching live football matches. Strongly recommend you download this onto your android mobile or tablet https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.liga.lapps.liveonscore Enjoy.
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    Funny how the woke brigade are unhappy with banter yet think that Spitting Image is hilarious. COYS
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    The Kings Of White Hart Lane Pub

    My crappy little C1 will be 8 years old next April. With just under 18,000 miles on the clock, I reckon I will get another 8 years from her. I accept she is a tad short in comparison to the Humber Sceptre and the 2 litre Mercedes automatic I have had in my younger days, but as very senior citizen, my boy racing days are now just a memory. COYS
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    Horse racing

    We have 3 bookies shops in Ashby. It is only an assumption, but I suspect the 3 Rolls parked outside of them everyday belong the owners and not a punter. After all, as these bookies say when they pass out winnings, 'We're only lending it to them, they'll give it all back tomorrow'! LOL COYS
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    Just one more example of a manager trying to stop a slump by introducing more defensive set ups - it shows that lack of confidence that creeps in when you start conceding unnecessary goals. He's a nice guy and loved by Utd fans, so he will be made welcome back as an ex-player. He also gets a nice golden handshake package which will go a long way to soften his disappointment for falling short. COYS
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    I think it safe to say that the top 4 contenders for a top 4 finish is now looking like a top 3. If so, I think that a top 4 finish is back on the table for the 3 or 4 in the chasing pack going for 5th or 6th. I think we can hope that there is every hope we can still be well placed in the mix of the chasing pack by January the 1st. If that happens, then with our purchasing power, that will give us the edge for the run in for the 2nd half of the season. What a change from those last days of Nuno's tenure. Its not a done deal, but it is an achievable opportunity that is possible. COYS
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    Completely agree with that which is why I said I'm not expecting anything too dramatic. What I do think is that we will see today the players he believes will be able to stay and do a job at the club. Failure to impress the manager in this match would not be recommended.
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    Excellent scouting from Newcastle,,,lol
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    Wrong time, wrong player. Another right foot. Hope we won’t get him. Except we can sell a player for at least the same amount or higher!!! Why now? He should have come for Toby, after selling him to UTD for 60 million! Again, shit buisness. But this is what I said. Conte is great, but if he can’t get his players... sayonara!
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    Mates, PLEASE! If somebody have a personal contact or have a friend of a friend who knows someone from the board, PLEASE, PLEASE tell them, we should sign Lovro MAJER. Today he had again an extraordinary performance and crowned it with a goal for Rennes. He will be Modrics suitor and it won’t take long his price will increase and clubs will come sniffing around him! I am not in London and also can’t come over due the fecking corona restrictions, otherwise I would go straight to the bloody Tottenham office and won’t leave until I can speak to one of the responsibles!
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    I’m looking forward to this game not because I think we will win but this should give Conte a very good look at, not only discipline of our DM, but also how we cope defensively with counter attacks. Leeds only know how to play one way, and for 90 minutes they’ll just keep coming and it will be huge on our concentration levels. Without naming, they are some players whose speed will be called into question. Unfortunately I believe Conti will discover what the last couple of managers experienced, that the reality for now, is we are mainly, a mediocre team and keeping us just above mid table this season will be great. Full Concentration should be into next season, (like in Fomula 1) weeding out and replacing the dead wood, finding and buying a play maker without which I believe we will keep riding this boring rollercoaster to no where. I hope we win and our next few games are very winnable until we hit Liverpool so there are points to be had. We were a big team and have to go back to thinking big and bringing in players who play the Spurs way. COYS
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    United,West Ham,Arsenal all beaten,time to make up some ground,coys!!!!
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    Correct - for some reason I said that he was injured. Still, Skipp is not available for Leeds and Holjbjerg may be out injured. Could be a blessing in disguise, because I have always thought that we shouldn't be playing 2 defensive / holding midfielders together - certainly doesn't help with our problem of lack of chances being created.
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    Horse racing

    My dear old mum was called Marion. I checked the horses today and Lingfield 11.35 was a horse called Marion's Boy. I put a tenner on the nose and it romped home at 11/4 Thanks Mum