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Where Is Vinicius ??

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With Kane and Son not exactly firing on all cylinders at the moment where is this lad ? He must be getting extremely frustrated if he's fit and just sitting on his arse. Louis Saha talks about the situation here, and he does have a point :


Surely we can find the guy a starting place for one match and see how he responds to the opportunity ?

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Well I asked where he was and up he pops against Marine with a hat trick. Third goal was a class strike, no need for power just careful aim and glide it in. We definitely need someone to cover for Harry and allow him a break and at the moment this lad fits the bill. Maybe his confidence will have improved now with a few more goals under his belt. Let's hope we've yet to see the best.

Don't ask me why but he reminds me of Martin Chivers...(despite the obvious difference). I think it's his size and the manner in which he surges forward. I have such wonderful memories of the big man, especially his partnership with Gilzean.

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