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Mike Dean Receives Death Threats ...

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Whilst I in no way condone such despicable behaviour I do think his ego takes over during matches. Instead of doing what good referees do and simply officiate and stay out of the limelight, allowing the game to flow wherever possible, instead he takes over. In his latest incident involving a red card he was asked to look at the sideline monitor and rather than admit he was wrong he insisted the sending off was correct.


He virtually baits the nastier side of this beautiful game to react and naturally they do. I feel extremely sorry that this has happened but find it hard to sympathise with a guy who to a great extent brings this upon his own head. I know being a referee isn't easy but trying to make yourself the 'star of the show' every match doesn't help one bit.

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1 hour ago, Craig Truespur said:

About Mike Dean mate VAR inconsistency in sites violence everywhere. I mean what was that Sheffield Fulham decision all about the goalkeeper took the guy clean out both legs and it wasn't a penalty

I just hate the way Dean always seems  to try to be the instigator of controversy whenever he refs a match.


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I dread it if he is going g to ref our matches and dislike him intensely. 

There is a system of reviewing players and officials actions post match and handing out punishments. It is surprising he has never been suspended from matches in my recollection. After that infamous Chelsea/Spurs game when he handed out around 17 cards, most to Spurs player's, he should have received the maximum suspension. He cost us that game with shameful refereeing. 

I don't hold with him getting death threats or vile abuse, but he certainly deserves all the criticism he gets. 


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