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What To Do With Hugo ...

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I have the utmost respect for Hugo Lloris, his massive contribution to this football club and the countless times he has saved the team with a miraculous save. Saying that I do feel that now his performances are on the decline and with only Joe Hart sitting on the sidelines to step in this represents a massive potential problem.

It needs to be addressed next transfer window and a new number 2 keeper brought in ready to step into Hugo's shoes whenever required. If that upsets Hart then so be it, thats his problem, harsh but realistic.

It has also never rested easy with me that he is club captain, a role which I feel should never be with someone rooted between two sticks and, if things are going well, far away from the action. It is impossible to issue instructions to a player when you are yards away and facing his back.

So I would have Lloris in the office and tell him of the plans to bring his successor to the club next summer in the hope that he will mentor the new arrival and share his goal keeping experience and knowledge with him ready for the eventual transition from Number 2 to Number 1. I would also announce that I have decided the captaincy should be given to an outfield player who is able to communicate more easily and directly with the team from being in closer proximity to them.My choice would be Hojbjerg.

Undoubtedly there are many other areas of the squad that need addressing but this one wants to be nipped in the bud before it grows into a major problem.

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In their prime, i think the natural captains in the squad are (or were) Lloris, Toby, Hojbjerg and Kane.

You’ve summed up Lloris already and Toby is clearly on the down turn compared to his brilliant best. A midfielder is a better choice for me than a CF, so Hojbjerg gets it.

Kane leads by his actions and effort anyway, Hojbjerg can marshall the other players all match.

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