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  1. Deggsy56


    After last night - (I turned off after Dnipro goal) Will the unlikely Adebayor get the award? My personal choice is Kristian (The Creator) Erikson ! (Note the nickname I've given him). He HAS to start EVERY game at least! He was everywhere - like Kopol????? (Dnipros best player. I know its premature but Adebayor may have at last 'earned his Spurs'. But Erikson made all the difference in my opinion. I 'love' Sandro, but Erikson 'Is The Man'. Any thoughts??
  2. Deggsy56

    We can beat Liverpool and get 4th spot.

    Did you forget that Liverpool already beat us 5-0? 4th spot is theirs with only domestic football this season.
  3. Deggsy56

    PL: Newcastle United vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    A pathetic 1-1 draw I reckon after a lucky win on Sun at home. We will NOT threaten the top four!!
  4. Deggsy56

    first game you went to

    1971-2 A Villa v Shrewsbury Town 3-0. Div 3.
  5. Deggsy56


    So according to the all truthful sun mirror Lloris wants leave if don't get CL footy as said before.Barca PSG A Mad interest. Well the news is Monsieur you won't get CL here so piss off and go concede 35 goals there halfway through season, then see how you get on coz you won't make CL there either if you do!!!
  6. Deggsy56

    Tottenham Hotspur meets Alice in Wonderland

    To Voice ! Very well composed post and eclipsed anything I've already said on the subject. You're absolutely right of course on all points. I was really excited preseason when all players were bought to compete but it fell flat and we didn't. I've said before only the EL cup will save our season ! Problem then is TS (the wrong man) would keep job. I think fourth is 'too good' for us this time. Our season was over losing at home to WHU. We are NOT going to win anything with this bunch of misfits, a manager with no PL record and a chairman who signs cheques for shit. We have to write off this year and start at the bottom yet again while the others just get better I'm afraid. WHU
  7. Deggsy56


    Without quoting all the comments from last night : What did you all expect? I was under no illusion that we would be stuffed by the blue Mancs. Only found out the score this morning all the same. No excuses about first team players missing or bad officials. You already know that we wouldnt have won with a fully fit first team squad. Man City have the money and the best players it can buy - but is still no excuse for just running away from games like this. I cannot comment on the game as i didnt watch it or MotD. Compare us with Chelsea v W Ham. Chelsea didnt get beat 3-0 at home. No they didnt score but neither did W Ham (Coz theyre shit). But they beat us !! Praise Sherwood all you want - but he got it wrong just like AVB and Harry before him when up against sides like MCity/Chelsea/Arse. Our PL season was over long ago. Someone on here said as did i awhile back - We should now go out and try to WIN that EL Cup and finish in top six at least - which would amount to a good season for us. All the money spent was wasted as you all can now see. You faithfuls (How long do these players need to gel for FFS???? Only Ericson was worth his fee as far as i can see. And LLoris??? making noises recently about wanting CL football next season. I'll tell you what: He better STOP letting goals in for starters. (conceding 11 v MC alone i think). France wont win the WC thats for sure. Shut up LLoris and do the job for the club that pays you or piss off and concede goals in the CL with someone else!!! I cant comment on the game last night as i didnt see it or MotD. Was a foregone conclusion we were gonna lose. Best game i understand was Villa v Albion (both shit) but scored 7 goals between them. More than we ever do. Think you'll agree that our 'Bale-Out' money has been totally wasted when all we needed were 2 quality strikers and a LB. 35m apiece wouldve got us something of Matas quality. Watch the difference now the red (we'll never sell to rivals) mancs have him !! They WILL finish above us now' i'm sure of it ! We should cut our losses now and get what we can from the season. I'm sorry all you Sherwood fans - but he got it wrong as did AVB and Harry before him like always when we come up against the " Big Teams ". We run scared !! Sorry but Soldado doesnt cut it for me - thought he was a 30 goal p s man and i dont like Adebayor ! Listen ive followed Spurs since '68 and seen the highs and lows! The problem is apart from the odd cup now and then we never seem to improve to compete. Sherwood done 'ok' but only ok - and i think he's on borrowed time anyway - a cheap stopgap until Louis Van Gaal comes to rescue the Mighty Spurs !. I dont know Whether it's more money or a proven manager or just one top quality player to change things but we need something if we are gonna progress and actually be a genuine top four club ! FFS just look at Everton's progress - they only changed the management and lost one player. Sorry if ive upset you faithfuls but am sick of all the excuses when we're over halfway thru season. Title contenders ? Cant ever see that under the current management. And Director of Football ? What a load of bollocks that is ! Well ive had my rant. It all went wrong in that 3-0 home defeat to WHU and weve never really recovered from that. The cracks showed then - now the whole wall is split. Only the EL cup will save our season now - if not i dont know where we can go except carry on as a EL team and accept it. Right now the CL is way out of reach. We need something to change big time and NOW ! I apologise for going 'Off Topic' (mods feel free to move this where you wish).
  8. Deggsy56

    BPL Masterclass but what about Europe?

    Just winning the EL and 5th or 6th would be a good season for us. Out of the other two so we should go for it.
  9. Deggsy56

    PL: Swansea City vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Ericson still my MoM.
  10. Deggsy56

    PL: Swansea City vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    My stats were wrong but got score right so far.
  11. Deggsy56

    PL: Swansea City vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Short lived 3-0, goal was coming tho.
  12. Deggsy56

    PL: Swansea City vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Our best scoreline all season.
  13. Deggsy56

    PL: Swansea City vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Fuck off Dembele. Greedy twat.
  14. Deggsy56

    PL: Swansea City vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    1 shot 1 goal. Its a start.