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  1. CRD

    Rumours regarding Toby Alderweirald

    So, as of today it seems as if Toby is going as Poch seems to have suggested that he is no longer first choice. One of the most frustrating (yet pleasant) things about being a life long Spurs supporter (notice, I said supporter, not fan. There is a difference) is that we get some great players but can never hold onto them for long periods of success. However, it's fantastic that we have a chairman and now a manager who so obviously share the same vision of long term growth, have set a strategy to achieve that growth without impacting either the longstanding club ethos, dressing room harmony, supporter comfort or it's profitability. Toby Alderweireld s a great player. Would love to keep him but his vision and ours will not match at this time. He's almost 30, has had major injuries over the last two seasons and is looking for one last huge payday to further cement his financial future. Kudos to him and when he leaves he will leave with my gratitude and fond memories. Under Levy and Poch we now have an exciting squad, reached the semi-finals of the FA cup twice in a row. Finished in the Top 4 of the league for the last two seasons and looking for it again this season. We need to push on and win something and that will go a long way to keep the players we have who for the most part seem to understand that we are on a mission. We have a state of the art training facility that is the envy of every club in Europe and will move into a fantastic new stadium in the heart of our traditional home borough in a few months and we have a much sought after coach who gives young players their chances to develop. What young exciting player looking to develop would not want to join this club if given a chance. Toby has done well for us but his legacy will be the role he has played in the speedy development of his ultimate replacement - Davinson Sanchez. Good luck Toby and here's to a bright future to my club, my one and only club...
  2. CRD

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Southampton

    On another note. How many others got memory flashbacks to Hoddle vs Watford when Harry tried to chip Forster close to half time?
  3. CRD

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Southampton

    Overall we were quite good today, against what seemed to be a disinterested Southampton unit. The challenge with us seems to be that while we are playing some beautiful football up front and the Defence is staying steady Hugo loses focus. Can’t understand it really. Beaten on his near post and then a weak punch out for their two goals blotted his copy book. That display deserved a clean sheet. Onwards lads. Well done
  4. Wanted the clean sheet. Anyway good win. Now on Chelski
  5. CRD

    Clinton N’Jie

    Defoe would get us some goals because thats what he does. However, his time with us is done. We need to move on
  6. CRD

    Spurs vs MU

    The goal rattled us. Settle the fuck back down and we need some width. Old Traffordvis a massive pitch, lets get some width and some good delivery.
  7. CRD

    Spurs vs MU

    And we're off. COYS. Watching in bed from my home in Barbados and giving grief to the United fans I know. Good performance so far. Lets hope we keep it up... Surely, Dembele was ONSIDE! Shit...Manure go ahead....
  8. CRD

    Europa Cup: FC Dnipro vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    LOL. Thought it wad just me, phew! However, I must admit to thinking the same things at times. Older fans ( yes, like me) will remember the Glory Glory days and nights at The Lane when we were always in the mix for football honours. Things changed and our successive boards have thought more of the club as a business. That's fine since there is money to be made but we have nothing really to show trophy wise. No doubt we are a well run commercial entity, but...
  9. CRD

    Europa Cup: FC Dnipro vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Morning Lads. Good win vs. Newcastle. Any thoughts on the comments attributed to Juande Ramos in the Daily Mail today?
  10. CRD

    Soldado lacking.....

    We need him to come good. We've been very patient but he simply does not work hard enough...lack of confidence, lack of desire or both? He was useless today. Can we totally blame him? Are we buying the "right" players? If we are why have we sent Holtby out on loan exactly a year after we brought him in. He showed some quality but got no consistent run. Why the unrest around Capoue?, whats happening with Lamela? How do we cure the issue with Soldado? Notice anything? We are having issues fitting our new signings into their roles. We have either purchased the wrong players or we don't know how to harness their true potential. Neither of these issues is the players' fault. Its a Workd Cup year. How many of our new signings came to the club to try to make a difference to the club and (or) to earn a squad place in Brazil? How many are putting in only enough to get through while conserving strength for a good World Cup tournament which will either give them the power to demand a new contract or get a move to another perceived bigger club? Are we complicit in that, hoping, as we have done in the past to buy cheap and sell high? Look at the reported fee we were asking Roma to pay for Capoue, 5 months and a serious injury after he joined us... Sorry to sound so cynical and I hope I'm wrong but " The Beautiful Game" makes those of us who love it more cynical everyday and our club seems to enjoy doing strange things!
  11. CRD

    PL: Swansea City vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Good result today. Im sorry that we didnt get the clean sheet but then we looked a bit ragged near the end. I agree with Turkish, Bentaleb is looking good and reads the game well. He will get even better. Too bad he's French ! We showed a bit of a ruthless streak and Ade was on form. I do have the usual fear about how long he will continue in this vein before he has a strop. Good decision by Tim to change the system today. I did, for a while hope that he would take another bold decision and bring on another striker and put Swansea to the sword. He took off the hapless Chadli and put on Siggi, which was not the same thing and perhaps contributed to our lose of focus later on.
  12. Much has been said about our transfer policy last summer. Everyone has centred their comments around who came in and at what cost and about Bale going. In hindisght can it now be suggested that selling Caulker was a mistake? We gambled on a fit, Kaboul, a strong Vertoghen with Dawson leading and Vlad pucking up where necessary. Half way through the season we are seeing the Skipper constantly done for pace, Verts injured or playing mostly at Left Back because we had no real cover, having loaned out BAE and no Kaboul out for most of the season through injury. Meanwhile Caulker is not having a bad season as skipper of Cardiff! What say you all?
  13. CRD

    Why cant we show this sort of fight

    Charlie Adams saw Liverpool's almost white shirts and thought he was playing Spurs given some of the tackles he went into...
  14. CRD

    Dembele and Paulinho

    The 3 man defence worries me, especially from the point of view that we don't seem to have replacements capable of continuing the defence in case of injury. Additionally, the make up seems to suggest that Verts could move out wide tocover the left back channel and have one of the defensive midfielders slip into cover in central defence if necessary. I dont howver have enough confidence in Townsend's consistent coming back to track the right winger