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    This is what happens when you underestimate your opponent. We looked like Deportivo Moron! I know violence isn't the answer, but can somebody please punch Winks in his fucking "I'm so innocent" boy group face and send him into hospital. And this is exactly where the asshole belongs in a boy group or the hospital! Cause he is not a footballer, at least not a footballer for a top club. Winks is a danger for his own team. This guy puts pressure on his teammates out of nothing with his fucking back passes. His defensive awerness is the one of a U-12 player. He can not pass, he can not dribble --- but he runs. Yes, he runs - but without any effort. A dodo runner!!!! Although its not a secret that we need a proven LCB ffs, its not only the lukewarm attempt from Ben that led to the goal, it was again Winksy's bloody back pass that causes that fat blunder. And we nearly conceded a second goal from Winks brainless back passing, if Sanchez hadn't cleared. Is our managing staff including Jose really that blind? Cause from all the players jose has taken off, he let two of the worst players on the pitch!? The stinker Winks and "super zero" Bale, who is not a team player at all and who wasted every ball he got instead to create chances for the team! A 31 year old, 350k heavy flop! Not to mention the brit kid, who is rather in social media than on the pitch! Fuck off to PSG and the shit league in France! But the fish always starts to stink from the head! Jose really dares to criticize the team performance? He would have exchanged 11 men? Maybe we exchange him for his tactical adjustment!? What about his influence on the match!? Cause one thing is for sure, he hasn't done his home work properly. Antwerp is not a grass hopper club, as some believed. They are playing in the Belgian 1. division right after Br├╝gge and Anderlecht and deserved their place in the EL and didn't give a toss who they are playing. Different to LASK who shit their pants already before the match started. The squad and their gameplay is physical. Mbokani is a routinier, ffs he also played in the prem and Jose puts Lo Celso and Winks in the mid and let Ben defend against him??????????? Next, I know of inverted wingers, but Jose lets play inverted midfielders?????????? Gio is a fucking LCM. Just saying. Let the lads play to their advantage and you will get your results. Is this so heard to understand? And if you want a creative midfielder who should build up the game, it needs a defensive minded midfielder to back him - these are football basics in managing. So why in gods name did Winks and Giovanni start? If anything Emlio and Gio should have started. Gio and Dier, Gio and Sissoko, Gio and Ndombele. Especially, because - once again - WINKS is S - H - I - T !!!!!!! And it seems every time he is involved in an error, either because of his bad passing decisions or because of his bad defensive work. Further more, except of Sanchez and Davies the complete starting line up was new and never played in that formation before. Its like we were playing a Mickey mouse cup like the carabao rather than the EL. And I don't see the lads talking to each other A shame
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    At least that didn't get your heart beating too fast James
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    That's me done for the night. I shall now watch Dundalk smash Arsenal and put the ROI on the football map of giant killers. COYS