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    Hugo Lloris

    We've applauded a few players on here lately for their outstanding contributions over the last few months,now I think it's high time that Lloris got a mention.Its been a hell of a long time since I've had total confidence in our teams "man between the sticks".I can't remember the last time we had a keeper to boast about,could rely on 100%,and could win us points on his own.Well we have one now.Yes Friedel has done us proud when called upon,but Hugo for me is on a different planet.He's a defender and a keeper,two positions rolled into one,and we are very lucky to have him.For what he does and how well he does it,I don't honestly think I would swap him for anyone else in the world.With Lloris, Vertonghen,Sandro/Capoue/ Paulihno,Eriksen and Soldado we really have a solid spine to our team,I think given time we could be set for greatness.
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    hugo lloris injury storm

    The club have just made a statement on their website that the Spurs medical team have carried out the most conclusive test on Lloris - (the STBP test evidently) and the result has shown he has fully recovered from the head injury and his brain functioning is completely normal. They showed him 100 pictures of Spurs fans and asked him to Spot The Biggest Pervert and he pointed at Hastings within seconds.
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    Yid Army

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    I've always taken it for granted that I can go and watch the Spurs since I first went in 1958. My dad would always take me or provide the cash for me to go, I lived about 6 miles from the ground. I always had a job and got good wages and have never lived more than 15 miles from WHL. It wasn't till I was chatting to an old school mate, who use to go with me when we were teenagers, that it's not the same for everyone. He's moved about 100 miles out of London and can only manage to get to a couple of games a year due to various circumstances. He watches on TV but says it's not the same and defeats are worse on TV as you have some "prat" telling how crap we were or how brilliant the other team was. So I take my hat off to all those fans who give their heart to Spurs despite not being able to get to The Lane and feel that buzz I always get. I hope some day you get to go. I know it's tough for these guys as you always get it in the neck from the Mancs and Liverpool fans even when they have never been to a game.
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    Daniel Levy = Legend

    Amongst all the fuss and furore around will he won`t he go to Madrid I want to express my feelings of gratitute to Mr Levy. You`ve kept a dignified brave face amongst all this and in the appointments of AVB, Franco Baldini and what seems to be the master-stroke of getting top quality signings in before letting Bale go the club is stronger. I sometimes feel he and the board do not get enough credit and I myself have criticised his transfer policy (especially when not buying a striker in January) which probaly cost us 4th place last year. The club to my mind appears to be in the strongest position I can remember and a large deal of gratitude must lay at the feet of Mr Levy and the board. COYS !!!
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    Classic Tottenham Quotes

    Teddy Sheringham 1996- I do hate Arsenal.With a passion.No money in the world would ever tempt me to play for them.
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    Chris Hughton

    Chris Hughton is a Spurs legend. One of the best defenders we've had. Chose to play for the Rep of Ireland, through his mother being Irish. Is welcomed in Ireland as a legend as he is at the Lane. Glenn Hoddle once asked him why did he sign for Ireland when he was good enough to play for England. Chris's response was "you've got 8 caps I've got over 20 and I'm having a great time". Ironically they both ended up with 53 caps. 13 yrs as a player, 10 yrs as assistant manager at the Lane. Instead of the police looking to arrest Spurs fans for chanting what WE ARE find the bastards who are racially abusing a Spurs and Ireland legend. FUCK YOU BADDIEL.
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    Ken the cab

    Dare to dream

    Just went round to see my father-in-law,loves spurs been following em for 56yrs and was lucky enough to see them win the league. First words out his mouth" how did the spurs get on last nite" I told him the score.."grand,feckin grand (he's Irish) he then talks about the good and not so good times watching them,end's up saying "I hope we win something this year" Now the thing about this is he has just been given 3 months to live, he's got lung cancer. So I don't think there is any harm in dreaming,hoping that this is our time for glory once again
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    I hated Gary Neville as a player,but as a pundit,I take my hat off to him.He talks sense,he says it exactly how it is and is as unbiased as they come, which I didn't believe would be the case.I could listen to him talking about football for hours and believe people like him need to be a big part of the FA.Carragher on the other hand.....I can't be bothered to read the subtitles!
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    Yid Army

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    Yid Army

    Typical suit wearing know fuck all retards,sit behind a desk all day wanking over queer as folk dvd. Innocent fans getting smashed and stabbed and almost killed nazi cunts chanting racist remarks cheating fuckers (players themselves) clueless referees who dont know the rules of our beautiful game Letting clubs tap up players yet all they concern about is the word YID FUCK EM AND FUCK EM ALL born a yid live a yid die a yid
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    Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur Sunday 1st September 2013 Kick Off - 4:00pm FREE £10 BET FOR SPURSWEB FORUM MEMBERS Turkish, please do your usual match thread magic below. COYS - This is the big one!!
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    Christian Eriksen

    You know what the icing on the cake is £25m soldado £17m pauline £25-30m lamela £10m ish eriksen £6m chadli £9m capoue £10m chirches total spend £107m roughly incoming funds bale £86m caulker £8m parker £3m huddlestone £5.5m total incoming funds £102.5m total outlay £4.5m fuck off all you other numpties from other teams talking about fifa fair play suck our lilywhite cocks astonishing business.
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    Bale Transfer to Real Madrid Official

    Bought Van Der Vaart away kit....he was sold. Bought Bale home kit he turned into an arse and seems he will be sold.....the good news, I just ordered an Adebayor kit ...........LOL
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    They can all fuck off, the lot of them. Everyone involved in this story - Bale, Levy, the smug skysports reporters and journalists - they are all to blame for putting us through this hell. These fucking tv presenters who are saying 'Ooh, David Moyes might be in for Bale'... have you seen the look on their faces? I would love to change that with a sledgehammer... wouldn't they just love it if Bale went to Man Urinals, I bet they're all wanking each other off under the table just at the prospect. Bale and Levy have heen disrespectful to us Spurs fans throughout all this, the silence has been equivalent to one big lie. AVB has been lied to too and if I were him I would walk if Bale is sold to a prem league club. Everyone except the fans and AVB have been pushing for Bale to leave and it looks like Levy is allowing himself to be fucked up the arse.
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    I think we need to treat Lamela very carefully. I personally think he will be class. Keep making sure he gets game time even if its not in the league make sure hes playing every cup and europa game. Keep encouraging him and have patience and the lad will come good. We dont want what happened with Gio on our hands. Which I believe, watching him play now, was a huge waste of talent on our part. Unlike Gio though Erik has the advantage of having a very good attitude on his side. He readily admits his flaws and seems willing to work very hard on them. I will happily give a lad like that time. Couldn't ever really have imagined Gio doing a hard days shift in training or any of the games he played for spurs. Erik with talent and the desire to get better will come good especially with a coach like AVB. Hes only 21 and isnt short of time and 30 mill is a very difficult price tag to come with. I remember a certain left back who took a very long time to come good who I had personally written off at one point.
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    Classic Tottenham Quotes

    Danny Blanchflower 1972- The great fallacy is that the game is first and last about winning.Its nothing of the kind.The game is about glory.Its about doing things in style,with a flourish,about going out and beating the other lot,not waiting for them to die of boredom.
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    The official transfer thread

    signing of the season Franco Baldini
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    Its gone quiet

    A mate of a second distant cousin who was 13 times removed got told by a neighbours pet snail who at the time was eating a slug that TOTTENHAM have signed Benteke for 18m,announcement this thursday sometime during the day of thursday