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    mostly annoyed at attitude of the front three , as were the rest of the team when under the cosh tho theyd argue they were free for counter attacks if utilised properly
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    All I would say, is that he is still building his reputation and any defeat is the last thing he wants. I strongly suspect he was very upset that loss last night. COYS
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    hang on a mo, they lost by one goal in a game that didnt really matter for progression purposes , theyd beaten City 2-0 in Sept in Paris , hardly a disaster On their day City will rip anyone to shreds and tho this wasnt their bestest day it wasnt the worst of days
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    I just hope Conte never walks into Daniels office looking tired. Otherwise Levy could say "I think you could do with forty winks" and the guy would resign on the spot
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    We are performing pretty well in qualifying but it’s a bit like being the tallest munchkin in Oz
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    This is our time. As Tonite said 12 points from next 4 games. Id go further and say 27 points up to Chelsea at end of Jan plus Carabao semi place and Europa bing bong top of table and 5th round of FA cup. All together now All we want for Christmas is ......
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    Translation for non-Italians With you, so far and different With you, friend I thought was lost You and me, under the same dream (mmmhm ...) Together, Nice
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    Rodon deserves a start
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    lets be honest, other than his debut, hes been crap
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    He hasn't been an obvious Conte favourite, so you may well be right. COYS
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    Ralf Rangnick: Manchester United set to appoint German on six-month contract https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/59421961 Poch spending Christmas in Paris but the summer in Manchester methinks ??
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    Interesting result and a perfect illustration of one manager having eleven players performing as a team unit and eventually getting the deserved victory against Poch with his 8 man team and the three musketeers up front who hardly ever track back and help their side defend. Having such a trio of talent is absolutely no guarantee of success and I'm quite sure Mauricio will find the challenge that Manchester United would bring extremely tempting tonight.
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    Mbappe Neymar Messi and Ronaldo at Man U !!!
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    Well I've got deja View the release I had a flu the last time we played in Europe just got over it and my family decided to give me a stinking cold and fever just got over that with a negative covid test thank God, so I'll be rushing back from work to watch this tomorrow as hopefully an entertaining training game again to see some of a youngsters and fringe players working their asses off for Conte, hopefully we will become fully 3 now up by half-time maybe one more after the break and then we can see some of the youngsters having a go, I'm guessing I can't avoid seeing winks I'm hoping he's learnt his lesson by seeing him already and hopefully Macanday and players like that will get a chance and Rodon finally in the team. c o.... n t e ....y s
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    tits are really nice though , well my wives are anyway .... so my mates tell me !!!
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    Poch regin at spurs failed when his head got turned by Man Utd 2017-18 ,,,he wanted to move and mr levy knew it and wasn’t gonna back him the same as Redknapp when he was touted for the England job ,,,,I believe that levy will back Conte in the next 2 windows,,,but there has to be some players moving on aswell . poch is his own agent or manager aswell
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    They played better the 2nd half ,,,cos 1,,,it couldn’t get much worse ,,,,,2 ,,,conte obviously gave them a bollicking,,and change the system a touch ,like Hojbjerg and winks playing in midfield rather than on top of our centre backs and more positive forward play
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    Next Premier League Manager For The Chop

    Benitez at Everton will be looking over his shoulder
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    well as we are going for the quadruple now we may as well win this one and the next and miss those Europa League heavyweight dropouts
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    Another positive step forward and to see Reguilon being interviewed after the match was a joy to watch. He was extremely happy and totally knackered. He said that Conte expects him to "arrive" and "arrive" in the box but also to defend. The signs are good and the emotions of both team and manager were clear for all to see.
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    Winks plays 90 minutes and we win. Get used to it
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    yeh while your lot USA play the levels of Jamaica every qualifying game , CONACAF ohhh its such a toughie ;-)
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    I agree. I think we will get a much better idea of the "Conte way" of doing things this fixture, especially with the players who missed International call up.
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