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    R.I.P. Prince Philip

    I remember when the queen visited Ireland in 2011,the courier company boss told us to wash our vans and have them sparkling,I turned to one of me mates and said I don’t think the queen of England is going to say to me”alright jay how is going,are you busy,and by the way your van is filthy”
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    I saw my fellow Spurs supporter mate at the gym this morning - the first time since December . He is from London and he and his 2 sons were season ticket holders for decades and Spurs run through his blood. He was spitting feathers saying he was ashamed to be a Spurs supporter, has stopped wearing the kit and no longer tells people he is a Spurs supporter. He said if it takes to cheating to win games by getting players sent off it was the last straw. He has always hated Mourhino and thinks he encourages the players to react like Son did. I have to say, I can't really disagree with him. I couldn't believe my eyes watching Son writhing for 3 minutes clearly going for a free kick trying to get a fellow footballer sent off. Then to listen to Mourinho's take on the incident, it left me close to saying, 'sod it' - if this what football has come to, I don't know if I want to keep watching it. It is now rife in every game with players falling over feigning pain and injury for the slightest of contact. Oh Well, sod all I can do about it, but I will never condone it. What with VAR and players constantly cheating, I am not enjoying watching football these days. COYS
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    I don’t subscribe to the defence is shit theory. Defending is a collective. There is no unison between midfield and defence. Think it was Micah Richards who said defending isn’t just about men behind the ball. It has to be done constructively and with purpose. Our players are ball watchers and brilliant markers of space. They do not possess the footballing nous to anticipate overlapping opponents or, when pressing an opponent, it has to be done in packs cutting off options for the opponent in possession. To many times yesterday a player went to close an opponent down and was by passed with a simple wall pass. We made Utd look good. Now either that is the manager/coach not doing their job properly and training them accordingly; or it’s the players not having the ability to undertake the instructions. I have a feeling it’s both. Either way we are wank and I fear the future. Can’t stand the thought of 15/16th place again praying for 5or 6 points or so from 4 or 5 games to stay up; after all Klinsman has long since retired so won’t be able to save our skin
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    Kane has done as much as he can, he will not win anything of note at spurs and should leave. He’d have most fans blessing I think, if spurs had pots of money to spend and had built a better team around him great. In hindsight Levy was wrong to blame the malaise of 2019-20 campaign on Poch and has royally fucked up getting Jose in. Kane and the players will realise this and he won’t be the only one looking to leave. such a shame with the squads we’ve had and all the those top 4 finishes spurs couldn’t push that last bit and make some top signings rather than keep relying on promising players. I can’t see tottenham being regular top 4 now for a while unless they go crazy in transfer market and get decent manager in that plays to the squads strengths. Jose has wasted all the attacking talent at his disposal. Good luck Harry, I hope it’s not to another English club but fear it will be City. As for Aguero as replacement, he’s only going to get worse and pick up more injuries. Plus can’t see Jose even playing him. I actually think levy will refuse to sell and make him unhappy. That’s my gut feeling.
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    I've lost the will with this shite team
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    If there were fans in the Stadiums he would have been gone. I’m 100% confident the stadium would be singing “Jose out” in FULL voice
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    They just said on the news that Prince Philip died in the Queen’s arms. The pubs aren’t even supposed to be open til Monday. Yet again, one rule for them...
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    To finish in the top 4 we have to win all our remaining games. Possible, yes. Realistic, no.
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    I have read that DL has absolutely no intention of letting Harry go. I have also read it is only to the UK top clubs and he would not sell for less than £150 million to a European club. It raises an interesting point in the case of Harry. He is obviously is worth an enormous amount to buy. So, even if Harry is adamant he wants to go, if no one is prepared to come anywhere near to his worth, he can't leave. Just how is the problem solved. DL is running a business and can't let sentiment allow the club the throw away a fortune by giving him away. Harry will understand this but emotionally may well feel unhappy at missing out on his dream and will struggle to play to his best. But if Harry is forced by circumstances to stay, that adds to the problem. The club is paying out top Tottenham wages for a player possibly no longer delivering and and losing value in the transfer market. Harry is getting older, slipping behind in his scoring targets and perhaps top clubs looking at younger strikers. It is a lose, lose for both parties and I just can't see a compromise solution. I have never been a fan of Mourhino. I know there are different opinions on here as to why this season has fallen apart, but I have always blamed Mourinho. I well never forgive him. Not because he has failed to deliver, but because he has besmirched the good name of THFC and will be leaving behind some almost insoluble problems. COYS
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    Agreed, The defenders are the last line of defence. Most of the defending should be happening further up the park. We are far too passive and far too willing to allow the opposition too much ground by sitting too deep. We focus on getting behind the ball too much with passive or no pressure on the ball. This only invites pressure, and with our current squad which is full of attacking players it does not work. Inevitably inviting pressure increases the likelihood of mistakes. It has happened all year, no matter which team is on the pitch. Surely it's up to the Manager to see this and change the tactics. Yet time and time again we employ the same tactics and time and time again we make mistakes, concede goals, the lions share in the 2nd half and late on in matches and ultimately drop points. This is not only happening against teams like United that are well known for coming from behind, but teams like Newcastle who will be lucky to remain in the Premiership. The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.
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    I don’t have anything to say that hasn’t been mentioned before, I know we are lacking quality on our squad but when you have a manager as incompetent as Mourinho you might as well throw the towel in I mean who in their right mind would think it was a good decision to swap lo celso & N’Dombele for sissoko and Lamela. Sissoko is so far past it, the line is a dot to him. He seriously needs to retire now. Lamela is not a like for like replacement for N’Dombele, one is a centre mid and the other isn’t. again Mourinho unbalancing the team and guess what happens we get completely overrun. Granted fitness levels of the two players substituted are not 100% but I’d rather them both blowing out their arses for 30mins more than see those changes. They are paid enough and cost Spurs more than enough to do it. The Bale situation is a joke, he could’ve propelled us into the top 4 with more faith from our manager. best we can hope for this season is a low finish and no cup win so we can see the back of Mourinho for the least compo possible. issue with that is we will need European football to be able to attract a good manager and any half decent players to spend the Kane & son transfer fees on. this is the mess we are in, I have no idea what to think anymore.
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    I use chrome and it works fine on mine,ive done all i can in admin and everything looks good to me but theres obviously a glich somewhere.I have left a message for the tech experts to have a butchers
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    And Levy sits while Eddie Howe goes to shitty celtic Hope Kane and Dele go to PSG least theyll have a manager who rates them
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    based on that Post Match interview Jose is either just biting his lip to throw someone under the bus or he is clueless.
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    No good simple the greatest manager in world football wow ,,lol no Kane or sonny next season lol please tell me who is gonna score our goals asc3 must know lol ,,no goal scorer and no defence happy days ,,12 mill for the manager lol ,,,work in progress lol
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    And of course now he looks to Bale with hardly any time left TWAT
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    Same old shit. Get up then sit back and concede
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    Roy whiskey glasses on again moaning about Son, didn't notice rashford rolling about on the floor holding his face when he got a tap on the ankle
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    3 United players on a yellow. Let’s get at those 3
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    Toby with one leg is better than dire and we need to be getting the value up before we offload him in the summerjose moronio
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    Haha Keane wants Jose to stay because he WANTS Spurs to struggle. Keano knows what he is talking about until his emotions take over (which is 95% of the time).
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    That’s like asking for Father Christmas to come every day
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    Probably that but with Hojbjerg playing and one less (Lucas) up front
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    Fans Are Back For Carabao Cup Final

    Note to mourinho look at Leeds never stopped against city and got the win...