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    Is Kane Staying ?

    Mate the paper shite has been rubbish since Kane did that interview,,,2 days later there’s a bid and players chucked in rubbish,,,,there has only been 1 offer for Kane and that was in January and turned down straight away ( official offer) all the rest is paper talk . kane has 3 years left on his contract the price lol £160 million is only that high cos off Kane’s contract length we would have to pay Kane £30 million if spurs sold him ,,,,if he hands in a transfer request after an official offer spurs wouldn’t have to pay that £30 million to Kane !!!Kane is as greedy as levy simple if ya wanna leave that much give up £30 million mate grin . so in short no official offer no sale simple ,,,and time is running out anyway
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    Yeah mate it would ,,cos it’s most probably the 1st and last time they hold the competition
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    Is Kane Staying ?

    Harry ,,,I’ll show mr levy ,,I won’t go training,,,,,mr levy I’ll show him ,,,no wages lol some one has tweeted that it’s rubbish from sky ( even though it’s live ) he is supposed to be there on Tuesday morning lol,,,,why are they there 24 hrs early lol
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    Just dont qualify, simple , send out the kids and tell them to have fun (but dont win)
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    Yuk yuk yuk horrible link Lets stuff these scumbags
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    Nuno could be the answer

    That's the sodding 'j' being above the 'n' and a tired brain being unable to control an index finger. COYS
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    Nuno could be the answer

    I think most of us have questioned the effectiveness of having Lloris as captain. Other than when we're defending corners and free kick situations, he is not involved around the ball. Now that it looks like Hugo will be on his way at some point in the near future (guessing next summer at the latest), it will give Nuno the chance to appoint a more "Involved" player as captain. I've always believed that a defensive / holding midfielder to be the ideal position....Hojbjerg could very well be the ideal person.
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    Is our sonny staying

    Doubly so after his showing in the last friendlies. He may also be the encouragement Harry needs to remain with us. COYS
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    Is Kane Staying ?

    I haven't followed the news this week. That said, if there has been no talk of him handing in a transfer request, the more it looks as though he seems happy with what he has seen since Juno arrived and may not push for a move and is secretly negotiating a new contract. We can live in hope. Mind you, with Lucas, Sonny and Dele popping them in, he may not get back into the team! LOL COYS
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    A very assuring performance. I know it is not EPL standard opposition, but the attitude of the players is something not seen for many months. The finishing of those goals scored - including those ruled out for offside - was top drawer. It is nice to see attacking football again. COYS
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    Romero from Atalanta

    Daniel levy is the sort of bloke who will have a tin of baked beans on a Tuesday so he can have a bubble bath on a Wednesday
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    Son, Moura and Dele looked very lively today
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    https://hotspurhq.com/2021/07/31/conference-league-playoff-draw-tottenham/ Well read this and weep I thought I think the Tottenham structure was bloody complicated but the funny thing is we could get Roma in the first round and look at the congestion fixture it's going to cause us. A good chance for the b team to have a run out out and get some fitness up I suppose if he doesn't send everyone out on loan
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    Is Kane Staying ?

    All we know is Kane hasn’t turned up for training,,,,that’s it ,,,the only question is why???
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    Gazza Joins Lazio 29 years ago

    29 years ago kin hell
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    Craig Truespur


    Hi pops keep your chin up mate I don't know if this link will help you at all https://long-covid-recovery.org/pages/quick-start-guide-to-long-covid-recovery If you can't click on it just cut and paste it or look this up long covid recovery on Google Don't feel like your weak mate A friend of Mines at whippersnapper and he's had covid is struggling to recover but hopefully you should both get better asap I'm hoping to get some good news tomorrow regarding on the job front and also wanted to watch the F1 and really angry but got us from Mercedes took out Perez and verstappen but verstappen's car has been repaired that you've miles behind Hamilton now so I'll sit here in my cheap copy Honda top and hope that he does ok
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    Craig Truespur

    Nuno could be the answer

    This is really interesting to hear what he said the main thing I really like is he said he helped them communicate on the pitch and lead is what we need to do, I've said it a million times the one negative of kane is he doesn't seem to know how to boost and Rouse the troops up when performing poorly or not putting enough effort in. Hopefully with no Nuno toughening them up and getting them to talk on the pitch and communicate know the formations it could be the answer we need. I think Poch wasn't aggressive or tough enough to instigate that cut throat winning mentality and Mourinho as we know the only thing he liked and just talked about how special he was...
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    Programme Collecting

    Hope you had a great birthday mate. Many congratulations from myself and Brenda
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    Joe Hart To Celtic ?

    You would have though having just lost their crown to Rangers, they would be looking to shore up there now leaky defence! Do they not follow English football in Scotland? COYS
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    Romero from Atalanta

    Super glue is cheaper at pound land ,,,might be a£
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    Lucas moura was brillant..
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    Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

    I watched that mate I was amazing what those animals can do
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    I had loads of problems with my new mobile phone but then I changed my password to Titanic and now it's syncing fine.
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    Response Icon Review Perhaps ?

    Over to you @Hastingsyid I have no face pictures for friendly or confused either