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  1. Spurs8Winks

    PL SPURS Vs Chelsea Sunday Sep19th 16.30 KO

    Nuno has the idea now he’s figured it out. Now he just needs to perfect it. We had the right tactics today. Chelsea just knew theirs better. We just need to show resilience.
  2. Spurs8Winks

    PL Crystal Palace Vs SPURS Sat 11th Sep 12:30 KO

    I think CP not having an international break had more time to prepare compared to our 2 days to prep too
  3. Spurs8Winks

    PL Crystal Palace Vs SPURS Sat 11th Sep 12:30 KO

    We were injury ravaged and we didn't have any way to change the game. We lacked creativity and players that can smooth our passing like Sanchez, Lo Celso, Bergwijn and Son. The South Americans going really screwed us. They'll be back and we'll be better next week.
  4. Spurs8Winks

    2021 Winter / Summer Transfer Window

    I can’t start to comprehend football rn. Between the reasons of potentially signing of Moriba and Emerson to watch that first half of the Liverpool-Chelsea game and that call. Definitely a pen but not a red
  5. Spurs8Winks

    PL Wolves Vs SPURS Sun Aug 22nd 14.00 KO

    Romero probably out due to lack of fitness/fatigue. Probably still settling in let him take his time. No Centre-Backs on the bench so God I hope Sanchez and/or Dier don't get injured. So I'm happy with the lineup but I think the bench would be better
  6. Spurs8Winks

    Programme Collecting

    Yeah I use a website called Reach Sport Shop but the shipping rates are over double the amount the program costs and since they have to come to the US from Royal Mail it takes pretty long to get here and sometimes I run into problems but usually it works well. I think it's 3.50 GBP ($6) for a program, and they 6.50 GBP for shipping ($9)
  7. Spurs8Winks

    2021 Winter / Summer Transfer Window

    Ndombele asked to leave, for the record this didn't work out because we didn't play him or give him chances. It didn't work cause he didn't try hard enough. Winks wants to stay and fight for his place? That boy is not good but I applaud him for his stubbornness. Nuno has "urgently requested" we sign Granada defender Domingos Duarte. Our efforts to sign Aouar could go to deadline day with Arsenal also interested. A Spurs scout was sent to watch Madueke play against Benfica. Tottenham are interested in Zouma but want to offload a defender first, I'm not sure how true this is though given our pursuits of so many defenders recently. Juventus are willing to sell Spurs longtime target Weston McKennie for upwards of 30mil(euro)
  8. Spurs8Winks

    2021 Winter / Summer Transfer Window

    Ok, list of possible Kane replacements that are U24, quick to go with Lucas, Sonny, Stevie, and Gil: Jovic; not best to start with a Real Madrid flop but he is strong, can finish, and is comfortable on both feet like Kane except faster maybe he could rediscover his goal scoring form in the right system with Sonny, DCL; ok this one will cost a shit ton of money cause he’s from Everton but he can head the ball like Kane, he’s fast, strong, and again can finish but the only thing is like Jovic his hold up play isn’t good and not the greatest passer, Ollie Watkins; this one again will be a lot of money cause he’s a prem proven fairly new signing from a new prem club but he can finish, is quick and can head it though not as physical and lacks in hold up play and passing, Lucas; I know he’s not U24 and we already have him but think about it he’s quick, can head it, and is prem proven, Alex Isak; this kid will be a lot of money cause of his last season but he’s tall and fast which isn’t that common in a striker now, comfortable on both feet and is physical cause of his size and has good hold up play so possibly the best option
  9. Spurs8Winks

    2021 Winter / Summer Transfer Window

    We back, like Eric Dier from the bathroom Hey guys I know my trip ended over a month ago but I really haven’t gotten back into things since recently. Sorry I haven’t been posting but I’m back now. Anyway, Gerard Moreno is exactly like Harry Kane I’m telling you in every aspect send the emails Levy’s way: [email protected] the only difference is Moreno is fast. If Kane goes or not we have to get him. I do think Kane should go though but Man City gotta pay up. If he were to grow up, give 100% again, and sack his brother then I may consider accepting him again but for now he means nothing to me.
  10. Spurs8Winks

    2021 Winter / Summer Transfer Window

    Haha very funny
  11. Spurs8Winks

    2021 Winter / Summer Transfer Window

    Otta ditch social media for a couple of days, can't stand seeing people talking about how England payed to win that game
  12. Spurs8Winks

    2021 Winter / Summer Transfer Window

    This morning is more links to Vestergaard and Anderson. An agreement has been agreed with Tomiyasu now it's just the club. Wow that's it it looks like
  13. Spurs8Winks

    2021 Winter / Summer Transfer Window

    That is a lot of speculation, all he's said is that he wants to play at a higher level. I've seen reports saying Kane will stay and Ings will go to city cause Guardiola wants the cheaper option
  14. Spurs8Winks

    2021 Winter / Summer Transfer Window

    Yeah I saw a report saying he wants to join Spurs
  15. Spurs8Winks

    2021 Winter / Summer Transfer Window

    To get you even more excited we’re in talks to sign Vestegaard and hopeful still in talks with Tomiyasu