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  1. Bulletspur

    Brazil Recall Emerson Royal

    Nothing to worry about, we have Doherty on stand by
  2. Bulletspur

    members message

    Yes I was referring to the New Page. Currently "Manager admits Spurs expressed interest in Star a few days before deadline" Instead of putting a picture of the star there is s picture of Levy "Aston Villa beat Spurs to striker by offering lucrative...." Again instead of putting a picture of the striker in question there is a picture of Levy "Spurs very close to reaching new contract deal with first-team star" And again instead of putting a picture of the star, there is a picture of Levy. And if you go back will see quite a few other examples. Nothing to do with Levy but the news is presented like this, it actually puts me off from actually reading, where I am sure there are others. Hope this explains what I was trying to say in my initial post Regards
  3. Bulletspur

    members message

    I do not know if this is the right forum to address this, so please move it if necessary I am a new member so I happen to visit the news page quite often. One observation I have which I find very irritating is, if you talking about a player in a post, you always seem to use Mr. Levy's portrait as the header, even though the article is not about him. I think it will add a bit more credibility the forum if you use a picture of the person that is topic of conversation. Just my opinion Post Edit by Borodin : @Hastingsyid Can you help Bulletspur out here please mate ?
  4. Bulletspur

    Dele Alli Dreadlocks...seriously ??

    Much ado about nothing. Not because you probably do not like dreadlocks means you have to beat him with it. You might as well have a go at players with bleached hair or adding on a different tattoo weekly.
  5. Bulletspur

    new members

    Spurs supporter for forty years since the 1981 Cup final. Actually, initially was cheering for Man City for a whole 15 mins until a Mr Ardiles and Mr Hoddle caught my eyes in that match. I was living in Jamaica at the time Moved back England 1982 where after I stood (then sat) in the East stand (the shelf) cheering my beloved Spurs, before moving to Canada in 2010, where I am now a board member of the Spurs supporters club here in Toronto.