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  1. Harryhotspur1882

    Europa Cup: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs FC Dnipro

    My hope is we win tonight and go through to next round, I think it is going to be tough and in all honesty a dull game. Dnipro will sit deep and try to hit us in the break. We will struggle to break them down and the game rests on us getting the early goal. But whatever, we need to play with more intensity than last couple of games. Even if it still 0-0 after an hour. Whether we like it or not, and a lot on here don't, we need this competition or our season ends when this comp does!!
  2. Harryhotspur1882

    Europa Cup: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs FC Dnipro

    There is an excellent piece in the Mail today written by Martin Samuel. It is about Allerdyce and West Ham and ambition of managers and getting to cup finals. It mirrors what I have already said but it also mirrors our club. Well worth the read and if you do may just change some of the views that the EL doesn't matter to us this season.
  3. Harryhotspur1882

    Europa Cup: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs FC Dnipro

    While I understand the 'couldn't give a shit' brigade about this cup, surely you same people remember winning the league cup against Chelsea?? How good was that day? Atmosphere, feeling of winning, silverware??? I guarantee if we got to final of EL some opinions would change. Yes the business of football has moved on but it is also still about the glory! We as fans and supporters, need the cup finals, whatever they may be, it gives us reason to come back for more!! I have said before, I would love for us to reach the final, a great occasion, an opportunity to support the club where ever it may be. Some of my best memory's of following this shower of shit has been quarters, semis and finals win or lose. For the game Thursday I think we will win and quite comfortably, but the thing to do is not get carried away, like after the Newcastle game. Don't start talking about offering Tim a new five year deal, just enjoy it for what it is and get your self to Benfica for the next episode!!
  4. Harryhotspur1882

    Van gaal

    I am of the opinion that it just does not matter any more who gets the job! It would be great to see a top manager like Klopp or LVG or similar to be installed but the reality is so what?? If they are not as successful as Levy seems acceptable and in the time frame he demands then they are sacked anyway!! For me at the moment we are in same situation as end of ninetys, we were a mid to to top 6 side. Our ambition was to be in top six, we were going through managers like a fat fucker goes through Big Macs! Then early this century there was an upturn and we bacame a solid top six side and are now chasing the top four, which is proving all the harder to acheive. Yet we are still going through managers as before. Redknapp proved something for me that we are a better club than most but not as good as those regularly in top four. And with a little luck and motivation you can on occasion upset the big clubs, of course it helps as well if one or two of those have a bit of a blip. But you will not do this season after season, so one excellent season for us(getting in CL) is followed by a few of not getting near it again. So basically put who the fuck you like in charge, whoever takes your fancy at the time be Klopp or even allerdyce because it does not matter. If we have a little success then great if it doesn't work then just get rid and take the next prime candidate who looks good at that time!!
  5. Harryhotspur1882

    Players & Champions League

    Apparently, it is now reported that Verts wants CL football and is ready to leave?! Along with Lloris and any others who come out with this,(allegedly), they surely have their own inability to acheive this on themselves?? Of course this could all just be our lovely truthful media shit stirring as usual but more often than not there ends up being some truth in it. If these players want CL then do something about it now! Start playing as if you deserve it and if those around you are not putting in the same effort then demand more of them, you the players are supposed to be in a professional sport of which you get highly paid for and are perfectly placed to expect more. If these players at Spurs do not acheive CL with us then who else can they blame but themselves?? Surely??
  6. Harryhotspur1882

    Who was our worst signing this summer

    As I don't speak the queens English either maybe they will understand this;Start earning your wages and play with pride you fucking overpaid piss taking bunch of useless cunts!! Haha! Be great to know if any of them read this;)
  7. Harryhotspur1882

    New Spurs Manager

    It's always hard not to write on here in a negative manner paticularly after two poor defeats. But is a defeat anything else?? Let's face it, it doesn't matter who is next in line or whether Timmy gets the job longer because where the club is at the moment is totally self inflicted and deserved. Whether AVB should or should not have been sacked is irrelevant(let's not go back over that) but the point was/is, Levy had no clue where to go once he had got rid of him! There was(it appears) not plan for the replacement or how the club was to move forward!! So we find ourselves exactly where we should be and fortunate not to be worse off. Timmy was the only answer at the time and as it is proving he is totally inexperienced, that is obvious!! We lurch forward and stumble back like a punch drunk fighter, beating the dross and getting our arses handed to us by the superior teams. It is extremely unlikely that Tim will be manager/head coach next year but the difference then will be who ever comes in will have a better CV and with it a far larger remuneration package this heaping pressure on who ever it is to deliver in a short space of time and if he doesn't then don't let the door hit you on the way out! Thank you!! And there you go back where we are now looking again. This has been the story for too many years now and is not getting us any where. We are no nearer now to being a CL club than when...? Whenever? You can go back as far as you want, it doesn't seem to make a difference, So basically enjoy the good times, because they are few and far between and endure the not so good, because they are more common no matter who picks the team.
  8. Harryhotspur1882

    We can beat Liverpool and get 4th spot.

    If I'd have been born in wales I would have been Welsh!
  9. Harryhotspur1882

    More RED fuc**ng shirts - AIA deal agreed

    That's fucked that argument then!! Haha!
  10. Harryhotspur1882

    first game you went to

    I am sure I have done in another thread some where!
  11. Harryhotspur1882

    first game you went to

    Just makes me realise how old I am, how long I have been watching this pile of shit and how much money I have wasted following them all over the place!!! Long may it continue!! Haha! COYS!
  12. Harryhotspur1882


    Lennon is an arrogant cocky useless shit! And extremely lucky he has pace otherwise he would never have made it in football, not even at Leeds, he is one of many who is extremely lucky to have got where he has and what makes it worse is we have wasted 9 fucking years on the prick!!
  13. Harryhotspur1882

    Where do we finish?

    Might need to finish 8th if you want to stay out of EL. If one of top four win FA Cup!?!?
  14. Harryhotspur1882

    Louis van Gaal

    Sounds all Dutch to me!
  15. Harryhotspur1882

    Levy, Sherwood and patience

    I would not have thought Levy has any intention of off loading some or any of the players bought in the summer, unless someone comes in with the right bid that sees a profit or at least no more loss on the purchase even in loyalty bonuses. This is definitely in Levys school of business. So this could lend a lot of weight to the rumors of a deal struck with Van Gal, or anyone else. To be honest who knows what goes on behind the scenes of any club and in particular this fucking club!! And to be fair that is what causes most of the rumors and stories that actually do not relate to anything that is actually going on!!