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  1. AndyCLS


    Jesus Christ! Has the world ended? Yesterday we ere all saying what a hero AVB was, Defoe should start etc. now one bad result and apparently they're all shit. Perspective, please.
  2. AndyCLS

    West Ham / Met Police

    They get called racist because they are racist.
  3. AndyCLS

    The Bay Whore

    The one thing that makes me think he could do the business is the way he has publicly supported the team on twitter. Always positive and making all the right noises.
  4. AndyCLS


    Just a sign of how far we have come that we are disappointed with a draw. Should have brought Lamela on. Come on Swansea!!!!!!
  5. AndyCLS


    I'd swap Dembele for Sandro - that would give Pauline more freedom going forward. I'd also swap Siggy for Holtby - just think him and Lamela have started to forge a good understanding. Just thinking about the combination that finally undid Cardiff - Holtby to Lamela to Pauline.
  6. AndyCLS

    AVB- becoming a legend?

    Really starting to love AVB!!!
  7. AndyCLS

    Dare to dream

    Lol! Too right. An attitude born from bitter experience!! I'm going for any two from four, though!
  8. AndyCLS

    Yid Army

    Hi guys, Been away for a few days to cool off a bit ... MJB - sorry if I misread what you were trying to say. I have a bit of a powerful reaction to anything which seems to be defending people in groups such as EDL etc (some history there)- I accept that was not your intention and I apologise for any overreaction. What you drinking? ;-)
  9. AndyCLS

    Yid Army

    Granted, in that post you didn't but in previous posts you had both defended EDL/ BNP and commented on ways Chiriches could get his work permit quicker by implying that immigrants play the system to get housing and benefits. I AM proud to be English but would not wish to be associated with EDL, BNP or anyone who wishes to treat people of other races or nationalities as somehow sub-human.
  10. AndyCLS

    Yid Army

    "On a separate note My Dad was bombed out twice in one night in the blitz then fought in El Alamein in WWII, my Mum worked in London throughout the blitz legging it down the stairs on the office block into the shelters whenever the doodlebugs came over then back up again when the all clear sounds to go to work like nothing had happened, they had spirit, they had backbone, they were brave, they were not going to give in EVER. Believe me they didn't do all that so that in 2013 we (English) were expected to accept our soldiers coffins to be derided and not respected for fear of upsetting a rapidly growing minority If being proud to be English and wanting England to be 'English' makes me a racist then so be it, Id rather be that than a pathetic lilly livered weakling , jeez we'd all be talking German if these PC pansies had been so prevalent during the war" What a load of bollocks - millions of Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Kenyans, Tanzanians fought in BOTH world wars for their King and Country, which incidentally IS THE SAME AS OURS!!!!! Your Grandad (and mine) fought for freedom from precisely the kind of racist nonsense being spouted here. We are all human, racial boundaries are arbitrary.
  11. AndyCLS

    Yid Army

    On a slightly different note guys, if we're going to claim that using the word 'yid' is in some way an attempt to defeat a form of racism (and I believe it is) then we should not indulge in other forms of racism or abuse. Otherwise the argument becomes hypocritical. We can't take the moral high ground one minute then complain about 'immigrants' or try to justify the EDL/ BNP the next. Britain is a nation of immigrants and has been for thousands of years (the very word 'England' is derived from a Germanic tribe of immigrants who brought their language 'English' with them!) it is what made this country 'Great' Britain.
  12. AndyCLS

    Yid Army

    It's how it has been used historically. If you use a word in a particular manner enough it takes on that connotation eg 'gay' originally meant cheerful, 'faggot' was a bundle of sticks or a northern English dish containing offal. However, they have been used in such a way for long enough that their meaning has changed - in the case of faggot, it has become a term of abuse - much like the p-word or yid. Spurs fans have attempted to reverse this in the case of yid but for the vast majority of people it still has those negative connotations - much like the n-word. Mjb - I sincerely hope your post was an attempt at sarcasm...
  13. AndyCLS


    How important was Danny Blanchflower? Just before 1963 CWC Final : Danny: You can have Tony Marchi on 2 legs, or me on one. Bill: Get your kit on.
  14. AndyCLS


    Ah, another great man - Danny. Two of a kind.
  15. AndyCLS

    The New Recruits and a worried face

    Maybe, but Chadli, Pauline and Soldado need time to learn each other's game and we haven't seen Eriksen or Lamela yet. In a few weeks we'll be euphoric at their brilliance and we'll forgotten that the welsh RM bench warmer ever played for us.