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  1. The attack was as drab as the AWFUL strip. Jose would have been proud.
  2. Superspur

    Mou sacked

    Thank God. At least now I'll be able to watch Spurs again. Win or lose, positive football.
  3. Superspur

    PL 20/21 Sheff Utd Vs SPURS Sunday Jan 17th 14:00

    If he would clear the ball forward to a Spurs player would be a good idea. He made more passes to Lloris than any other person. Confidence?
  4. Superspur

    20/21 PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Fulham

    I feel the "SPECIAL ONE" is at fault. Fulham were bossing the midfield, out numbering Winks and Hojbjerg and winning all 2nd balls duu to our insistance on just pumping long balls forward. Yes. We missed some chances but with us playing so deep we gave them plenty of time to defend en mass. JM should have taken note of Scot Parers tactics and switched to 3 at the back and had more possession as we lack any kind of creativity.
  5. Superspur

    20/21 PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Leicester City

    I'm not watching anymore. Enjoy being Spurs on FM17 more..
  6. Superspur

    20/21 PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Leicester City

    What a load of *#za. We've had our glory for the season. Beating Man U. 5-1. That's all folks.
  7. Superspur

    PL: Brighton & Hove Albion v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    A lot of very passionate and sensible things have been written. I do believe these are not knee jerk reaction as this has been going too long now, for a supposedly top 4 club. Players need to be moved on. We all seem to agree which. My 2 cents worth if I may. As a matter of urgency ( immediately ). GET 2 Quality full backs. Switch to 4 2 3 1. Let the bomb forward pumping in the crosses. This would help twofold. More width and attacking prowess . Better defensive line. Get rid of Erikson and Toby, Aurier, Rose now. Verts in the summer along with Lamela/Dier, Wanyama. Obviously have replacents lined up for summer. Young, pacy workaholics
  8. Superspur

    CL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Bayern Munich

    Decisions. Decisions. We're losing. 4-1 Down. Surely, for morale, for fans and players a change of tactics is prudent. We're being beaten by pace and width. Hell. I'm no football manager but changing from a narrow formation with 2 up to a 4 1 4 1 , slightly deep and hitting them on the counter is an option. If only to stop them scoring and hopefully snatch a goal or 2 to make the score line respectable. At lest live to fight another day. This is not Sunday league where it's gung-ho. Poch to blame. Players old and tired.
  9. Superspur

    CC: Colchester v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    I believe the want away players are the problem. Add to that Levy trying to get ridiculous sums for players who should be allowed to leave and bring in some fresh blood. Poch can't motivate players who don't want to be here earning peanuts. If they are not worth going rate wages how can you ask stupid sums to sell them. IT'S NOT POCH.
  10. I believe every effort should be made to move him on. His lack of consistency, and only turning up against the "weaker" sides has gone on long enough. Thanks for what he has done, but he mans up and says he wants to move. WHY KEEP HIM and lose money in the process. That 60 - 70 million could help with someone who has the legs and wants to be part of our set-up. OUT WITH Erikson.
  11. Superspur

    Following my beloved Spurs.

    Anyone able to help. I live in Italy. Trying to stream Spurs matches has become impossible. Up to last season it was fairly good, but the powers that be seem to have plugged all the gaps. If anyone knows how I can over come this disaster. Would really appreciate it. COYS
  12. Superspur


    Where the hell is our midfield? Dembele and Dier absolute dead wood.
  13. Superspur

    2018 Summer Transfer Window

    A lot has been said about players and Poch. I think calming down after Saturday's disappointment, I believe Levy has to give Poch more cash to work with if he does not want to undo all the hard work and momentum of the last 4 years. Players have bought in to Poch's philosophy but with the need for a step up in quality and keeping those wanted on board, money talks. Levy MUST spread some of the massive earnings back into the team, like any good businessman.
  14. I agree with the above. But "none of them are young". Is that not the problem. Yesterdays defeat. in my opinion was down to lake of experience and guile. We weren't able to compete with Matic, Pogba or Herrera. Dembele not at his best. Dier to slow for top 3 team. If we are going to play with an engine room of 2, they need to be WORLD CLASS.
  15. Superspur


    Well written and said. Agree with all of the above save to say that the revenue stream will only really kick in after at least 5 years. In the interim, can we at least win a few secondary trophy's.
  16. Superspur

    2018 Summer Transfer Window

    The managing of our young English players has been poor. All the bally who about Poch's ability with youth somehow seems a bit confusing. We lost a star in Walker. Replaced him with an idiot. We are due to lose Rose, and following our track record replace him with another dubious French youngster. The above two players aspirations should have been met. Then there is Walker Peters. I believe he would now be turning in better performances than Aurier. Alderwereld? The same short sightedness. We are always getting undone with crosses and long balls. Creativity. Another issue. If Ericson is being controlled, there is no one to back up. These are issues our transfer guru's need to address.
  17. Superspur

    Brighton & Hove Albion v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    It was as though they were playing together for the 1st time. Passing to players who were running in complete different direction or not moving at all! It's not the first time we have come short against a packed defense. NO CREATIVITY.
  18. Superspur


    I think Aurier should play. Poch says he needs to acclimatize to Premier league. Well play him again, with the proviso that if he doesn't his out. And send Sissoko with him. France need them both.
  19. Superspur

    Dele,a Diver?

    Deli is always being chopped. The opponents know the danger he poses. When its on the wings, no comment. When its in the box, IT'S A DIVE?. Really. Talk about bias.
  20. Superspur

    Under 23

    How does one follow results and progress of our academy side?
  21. Superspur

    Rumours regarding Toby Alderweirald

    I appreciate our defence is solid as the figures show, however when we are undone it's always crosses coming in from the flanks or a straight long ball down the middle. If we are going to play a high line then surely somebody has to cover for our roaming wing backs or our midfield center halves. The way I see it the 4 have to be speedy and good ball technique. Toby is battling with pace, as are the 2 wing backs.
  22. Superspur


    How does Sissoko get into the side? He has League 2 technique. Terrible first touch. Actually. No ball skills.
  23. Superspur


    What character. COYS
  24. Superspur

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Leicester City

    So sad. Everyone and his dog knows exactly how we play. They now out press us, and we are so slow and predictable. The opposition were able to counter attack and then still get back to defend against a ragged Spurs attack. No title this year. Maybe 6th.
  25. Superspur


    Well said - written.