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  1. YidArmy1975

    Deja vu

    Yeah,that was the worst karaoke night ever ;-)
  2. YidArmy1975

    What's the hold up???

    How much was Wimmer?
  3. YidArmy1975

    What's the hold up???

    Fuck off Imp,hahaha
  4. YidArmy1975

    What's the hold up???

    Certainly kick Kyle up the arse,maybe Kyle or Yedlin will play on the wing?
  5. YidArmy1975

    What's the hold up???

    Yep,it's on there now
  6. YidArmy1975

    What's the hold up???

    Where?Seen nothing on Sky Sports App?
  7. YidArmy1975

    What's the hold up???

    When will Trippier sign?Apparently he passed his medical on Wednesday,it's now Friday and still no news.Knowing Levy,he's trying to get the price reduced by a fucking fiver,fuck knows.But other clubs seem to sign a player after their medical is passed,we all have to wait a week,why???
  8. YidArmy1975


    Lemons coming back,hahaha
  9. YidArmy1975

    Anthony Martial

    Typical fucking Levy!!!
  10. YidArmy1975

    Anthony Martial

    Apparentley were in talks with Monaco to sign him,he's a French U21s striker,anyone seen him play?
  11. YidArmy1975

    Hello from India

    Welcome matey.
  12. YidArmy1975


    Afternoon all,I'm not new but haven't been about for a while.Glad to see you all again and nothing's changed.Hope you're all well and healthy(Stan?). Ive had a few bad months,hence the break,but I'm back on my feet again and ready for some abuse (Hastings😉).Anyway it's good to be back and I'm not going anywhere so let the fun begin!!!
  13. YidArmy1975


    Can only be Ade,without him,fuck knows where we'd be.
  14. YidArmy1975

    One For Hastings...Italian MOTD Presenter!!

    Operation Yewtree??? ;-)
  15. YidArmy1975

    Europa Cup: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs FC Dnipro

    Spot on mate ;-)