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  1. We Are Tottenham

    Who Will Be The Next Manager ?

    Totally agree. Levy will now have a scapegoat in the DoF so hopefully he’s as good as some of hype surrounding him is. Although he’s not been officially announced yet…
  2. We Are Tottenham

    Who Will Be The Next Manager ?

    Ok so don’t shoot me….. How about poaching David Moyes? Would he be that bad a manager for us? He know the league, players and how we want to play. Had good sustained results at Everton and got Wet Spam up the league. He’s also used to working with little wonga.
  3. We Are Tottenham

    Who Will Be The Next Manager ?

    I’ll back whoever comes in as manager. Big changes needed to the squad as we know. For me, I just want my Tottenham back playing on the front foot, attacking with purpose and quick passing with a squad all fighting for each other and the Spurs shirt. Oh and I want to starting dreaming again that we could, one day soon actually win something! Hopefully stadiums will be able to get filled next season too… otherwise I think football will continue to lose its appeal to me and many others. COYS!!!!
  4. We Are Tottenham

    Who Will Be The Next Manager ?

    Paulo Fonseca, to say I’m underwhelmed is a massive understatement! Fast falling out of love for the game since Poch sacked and this doesn’t help. Seriously think brining Arry back in for a year would be a better move! But at least we’re not quite at the Christian Gross level of lows, yet…
  5. We Are Tottenham


    We Are Tottenham..... the Spurs are back! Great win at a ground we don't usually win. Thank god August is over so Arry can start banging them in! Wed night is massive - if we can start Champs League with a win at Wembley, our season really will start to look a lot brighter. Think there's a great team atmosphere and the squad will grow in confidence the more games we win. COYS!!!!
  6. We Are Tottenham

    Champions League

    Players need to enjoy it and show the World what they can do. Fear no one but respect all 3. Poch needs to do his homework but we should focus on our strengths. Will be tough to qualify but no reason why we can't. Deli gets a 3 game rest so no excuses for him not being fresh. Lets hope Bale & Modric are kind to us a score couple of OGs :) COYS!!!
  7. We Are Tottenham


    Can't put into words how much I hate Chelski! Ref was a joke esp 1st half. Silly mistakes cost us. They defended for their lives. Wanny was off his game, just coming back from injury, gave the ball away a lot and his initial mistake that led to their winner. I'd have taken him off after 60 mins and brought Winks on. Anyway, I'm far from over it but we showed some encouraging signs at times and I've faith we will starting winning at Wembley, starting this Sunday!!!
  8. We Are Tottenham


    Team talk simple... Win this for Ugo! COYS!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. We Are Tottenham


    Or he accidentally breaks his leg! COYS - can't wait for this one. We need to get off to a good start and get into their heads - they've lost 2 of last 3 were on 7 game winning streak. We can march on to the Final. Believe!!!!!
  10. We Are Tottenham


    Wow - Massive, massive game. I remember 91..... it's been far too long coming. I'd love it (Keegan style) if we beat em. Hopefully the cracks are starting to appear at Chelski after the Palace & Man U defeats. We're missing Rose but other than that we have our first XI and we're flying at the mo. Maybe going a bit far now but I can't recall a better Spurs team in my lifetime! We'll need some cool heads in this one but if we believe then no reason why we can't get into that Final. This team are starting to play like winners. Would be great to bring home the FA Cup - 26 years is far, far too long! COYS!!!
  11. We Are Tottenham

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Southampton

    We should now give Vincent "he scores when he wants" Jansen the full 90 mins and have Dele, Son & Eriksen supporting for our firepower whilst Kane is out. i know it was only Milwall but Jansen looked well up for it (and usually does to be fair). His hold up and link play alone will help create chances for the 3 behind him. It was great to see the squad so happy for him when he scored. Massive game this one, we need to win to keep the run going and stay in top 4 race plus it will help give the squad the confidence we can carry on winning without Kane, proving some puntids wrong. Agree with most on here that Son can be v frustrating st times but you can't deny the lad has a knack of scoring and v good technique when shooting (most of the time). Hoping for a Jansen hatrick! COYS!!!!!
  12. We Are Tottenham


    How does Onomough make it on the bench but N'Koudou (one of the longest transfer sagas in history) with his pace, doesn't make the bench?
  13. We Are Tottenham


    Yid Army!!! Dont understand this resting players.... were not in Europe anymore, this is our only realistic chance of silverware - let's not take any chances, play the first XI get a 2-3 goal lead then take a few off to put their feet up - Simple! Anything less than a win will be unacceptable. Hopefully their fans behave and it's a good cup final atmosphere at the "Lane" for possibly the last ever time. COYS!!!! 91 is a long time ago now... we need new happy FA Cup memories!
  14. We Are Tottenham


    No way I'll be sleeping for a good for hours - much too wound up / pissed off. Sometime I hate football.
  15. We Are Tottenham


    Sooo pissed off!!!! Dele needs to grow up. Erik is not up to it as at the back. We played well for long spells esp with 10 men. Should have taken our chances then we'd have been through. No excuses now, have to go all out to win FA Cup and finish top 4.