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  1. Salopspur

    PL SPURS Vs Man Utd Sat 30th Oct 17.30 KO

    Ain’t to good is it. Sad state of affairs
  2. Salopspur

    Leicester City Vs Spurs Sun 23rd May 16:00 K.O.

    We really do have some wank footballers playing at this club
  3. Salopspur

    PL SPURS Vs Aston Villa Wed May 19th 18:00 k.o.

    One day Crom, one day.
  4. Salopspur

    PL SPURS Vs Aston Villa Wed May 19th 18:00 k.o.

    My thoughts best summed up by Snagglepuss. ‘ Heveans to Murgatroyed’
  5. Salopspur

    PL SPURS Vs Aston Villa Wed May 19th 18:00 k.o.

    What a load of old cock
  6. Salopspur

    Leicester Lift The Cup

    And one of, if not the best scouting regimes in the EPL. Unlike our beloved club
  7. Salopspur

    PL SPURS Vs Man Utd Sunday 11th April 16:30 K.O.

    I don’t subscribe to the defence is shit theory. Defending is a collective. There is no unison between midfield and defence. Think it was Micah Richards who said defending isn’t just about men behind the ball. It has to be done constructively and with purpose. Our players are ball watchers and brilliant markers of space. They do not possess the footballing nous to anticipate overlapping opponents or, when pressing an opponent, it has to be done in packs cutting off options for the opponent in possession. To many times yesterday a player went to close an opponent down and was by passed with a simple wall pass. We made Utd look good. Now either that is the manager/coach not doing their job properly and training them accordingly; or it’s the players not having the ability to undertake the instructions. I have a feeling it’s both. Either way we are wank and I fear the future. Can’t stand the thought of 15/16th place again praying for 5or 6 points or so from 4 or 5 games to stay up; after all Klinsman has long since retired so won’t be able to save our skin
  8. Salopspur

    PL Aston Villa Vs SPURS Sun 21st March 19:30 K.O.

    Lord knows, I’ve given up all hope. Until our stadium has the opportunity to realise its potential revenue, I feel we’re going to see rinse and repeat for another season or two. 1-1 I’m feeling positive
  9. Salopspur

    EPL Dinamo Zagreb Vs SPURS 18th March 17:55 K.O.

    I understand the no personal criticism in front of the media thing Borodin, but I ain’t to sure most of the shrinking violets can take it behind closed doors either.
  10. Salopspur

    EPL Dinamo Zagreb Vs SPURS 18th March 17:55 K.O.

    I’m not absolving the manager of this mess either James. I just don’t like this scenario where the players can’t take a bollocking in the modern game. I’ve read your earlier post recalling your service days where you’ve got to run a happy ship, so to speak, I agree that’s life and death. You can’t tell me you didn’t get your RSM to chew some squaddies out when required though. Criticism is a part of life and we all have to live with it. Apparently today’s footballers don’t agree. Lampard has had the same crap to get rid of him. A seriously doubt Shankley, Clough and the like were” come here darling; about your performance last game, I’m sure you gave it your best and I’m really grateful, but do you think you might, if you could cut out the tiny mistakes and perhaps listen to what I told you to do.”
  11. Salopspur

    EPL Dinamo Zagreb Vs SPURS 18th March 17:55 K.O.

    Disconcerting to hear that Lloris confirms, its to do with what’s going on in the club. Again an instance where, “I don’t like this gaffer, let’s get him gone.” There’s been to much of a power shift in football and if fans think players care for the shirt, they are mistaken. So long as that nice fat pay cheque keeps rolling in. I think back to the likes of Perryman, Roberts and Hoddle, consummate professionals who knew where there bread was buttered and for who they were doing it for; like are old mate Stanmac. These lot today boil my shit. Not fit for purpose. Truly, they are the worst pampered wankers in sport.
  12. Salopspur

    EPL Dinamo Zagreb Vs SPURS 18th March 17:55 K.O.

    The really sad thing is, the majority of modern footballers couldn’t give a flying fuck.
  13. Salopspur

    PL West Ham Vs SPURS Sunday 21st Feb 12:00 k.o.

    “Gonna need 150 mil for a defence”. Levy “Can’t you turn this Lada into a Roller.” First reply to our new manager.
  14. Salopspur

    Man City Vs SPURS Sat 13th Feb 17.30pm

    Finger in the dyke comes to mind. It takes its toll
  15. Salopspur

    Man City Vs SPURS Sat 13th Feb 17.30pm

    Tonto he’s a reasonable shot stopper. His command of the box is negligible, rarely comes off his line . His distribution has been awful down the years. If I was a centre half he wouldn’t instil much confidence in myself. In his defence, that head collision and subsequent heavy concussion he suffered was the start of his error prone years. This isn’t knee jerk, I’ve been calling him a liability for years.