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  1. Hard one, I think we should play with 4 CBs and 4 DMs, in order to keep a brilliant 0-0. I feel sorry for Bale, he is such a great player.. Poor the muppet-manager doesn't play him, it's a huge loss for us.
  2. Mihai

    20/21 PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Fulham

    Same pattern, right, without no improvement. Because Mourinho won't change, he is just an arrogant idiot. In min 60 we had to change something BEFORE foolham goal. Where is Bale? Why not Alli? In this moment we're playing the worst football from the top 8 clubs in EPL. And the big problem is that this crap style won't change until idiot leaves the club.
  3. Mihai

    20/21 PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Fulham

    Is there any positive you can write after this game? Sure you "love me", but I am not the subject of this board. :) So let's get back... 3 DMs against foolham, parking a big bus against a championship team is simply hilarious.
  4. Mihai

    20/21 PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Fulham

    Same bullshit, no improvement. To have such a great attacking players in the team and to play so borring no creative football, is simply defining the portrait of this idiot expired muppet manager. Fire the moron quick and bring someone with modern ideas of playing.
  5. Mihai

    Marine (WHO) V Tottenham Hotspur Sunday BBC1 17:00

    I think it's a huge chance to reach 40% possession.
  6. Mihai

    Spurs v Brentford Semi Final

    Utd should have been easier than City. :( We should play more often against championship clubs, it's a chance for us to look like we're playing something.
  7. They had 5-6 huge chances to score a goal. It proves once again that he is an idiot.
  8. We don't have many opportunities to score because we just park the bus every game. Once we want to score, we score. I just wonder, once we want to score 3, why don't we believe in us that we can score 3? Told you boys, this expired idiot manager will sell some good players, just because he is not able to manage them, then he will leave and we will see those players playing great football in other places. The best way to defend a result is to attack, not to defend.
  9. Having such a great team of attacking players and trying to defend for 90 mins shows how shit old muppet is this manager. I don't have any hope of building something, he never built a team in the past. Look at other top teams, everybody play modern attacking football. It doesn't work anymore this shit style, we have to fire the idiot now! You know what's the danger? We will sell some good players to create a defending side and then the muppet will be fired, with good players already sold.
  10. Mihai

    20/21 EFL: Stoke City v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Agree, it is the only chance to win something.
  11. Mihai

    20/21 PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Leicester City

    Fight for the top 4 is not over. But honestly I would prefer to win a cup instead of finishing 6th (sure we will miss again top 4, it's mourinho). Looking at the table... PHEW! We're back on 6th, we can breath now, it was so so hard up there.. :))
  12. Mihai

    20/21 PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Leicester City

    Told you boys, no need to be deluded, Spurs for the title was a joke. It's even embarrassing for us, Spurs supporters, to say it in public. Top 4 is what we aim for, BUT this is not modern football. This muppet called Mourinho is expired, football has changed, it's not the same it was 15 years ago.
  13. Mihai

    20/21 PL: Liverpool v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Is it really anyone here who believe Spurs could win the title? :)))) Come on, after the next 2-3 games we can be on 6th, then everyone here will get back to reality. We can fight for top 4.
  14. Mihai

    20/21 PL: Liverpool v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Not bad if we talk about chances to score. Very bad analyzing football. Parking the bus is not football anymore, this was 10 years ago. Trying to keep a draw was a huge mistake. In the last 15 mins we could have scored the winner, with one condition. To fucking play football.
  15. Mihai

    20/21 EL: Ludogorets Razgrad v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    We have the squads to win it, something is missing... Oh, I know! A real coach!