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  1. Mihai

    The Antonio Conte Thread

    I'm excited. Maybe he is not managing to play attacking football, but I think we needed a fighter to wake up these sleepy players. During next 6 months we should rebuild and sell 5-6 players at least. Conte has the power to sell prima donnas or to bench some of them for a period. We should manage expectations because Conte usually does not stay for long periods at a club. So even if he has success, 2 years and a half is the longest period he would manage Spurs.
  2. Mihai

    PL SPURS Vs Man Utd Sat 30th Oct 17.30 KO

    Can see a relegation fight soon, if we don't sack this championship manager. I still wonder, how did we we hire such a boring defensive manager when it was clear that he doesn't fit to this team?
  3. Mihai

    PL West Ham Vs SPURS Sunday 24th Oct 14.00 KO

    Nuno is playing the same boring Mourinho style, but at least Mourinho was a very charismatic person who can influence the spirit for some players. In fact it's exactly the case when we hired a worse manager than the previous one. What is very strange is that we all knew Nuno is a defensive mind manager, we knew we don't need him, but we hired him! Are we idiots?
  4. Mihai

    PL Newcastle Vs SPURS Sun Oct 17th 16:30 KO

    It's a wrong moment to play Newcastle, they will be very excited about the new ownership, future of the club looks very good.
  5. Mihai

    ECL SPURS Vs NS Mura Thurs Sep 30th 20.00 KO

    Let's not get excited after a win against a 3rd division team, reality is going to be back in weekend. Nuno is a manager who should be at a small club, without egos, without players with attitude, with people who leave him to start building from scratch. Here Spurs need results, quick. Nobody has time to wait for creating a team, club needs performances. Maybe that's the main reason we never perform, because we have high expectations every season. I was not a pochetino fan, but maybe for this group of high paid madonnas he has the best chemistry. Somehow I wanted City to win vs PSG and maybe fire him soon, in order to get him back.
  6. Mihai

    PL SPURS Vs Chelsea Sunday Sep19th 16.30 KO

    9 lucky points wont save a season. Still 31 points to win. Get ready again for a shit season.
  7. Mihai

    PL SPURS Vs Chelsea Sunday Sep19th 16.30 KO

    It's hard to team up with a dumb coach. Nuno is already lost. He is worse than Mourinho. Worse than Mason.
  8. It seems again we picked up the wrong manager. :))
  9. Guys, we were very lucky first 3 games. We play worse under Nuno than under Mason. It's borring defensive football, can't see this guy for long time at Spurs. Players have no desire to play, just like the manager, sleepy.
  10. Mihai

    Who Will Be The Next Manager ?

    So true. The guy is average, let's start searching for a manager for December, already :)
  11. Mihai

    Who Will Be The Next Manager ?

    I would hire Parker instead of this muppet, he is crap.
  12. Mihai

    Who Will Be The Next Manager ?

    Keep Mason for peanuts, sell Kane for 100m, finish 14th, then bring Poch for free and start building again. :) I can see such a cheap scenario from Levy :)
  13. Mihai

    Bale Back To Madrid ?

    I think he prefers Real instead of Spurs any second of his life. Do you still believe he loves Spurs so much? I was hoping so, but it seems he wanted only to play football. He's still my fav Spurs player in the last 20 years. :)
  14. Mihai

    Who Will Be The Next Manager ?

    Can't fire one of the owners, unfortunately :(
  15. Mihai

    Who Will Be The Next Manager ?

    So if Conte will not accept it, which club will manage? All big clubs have what they need. I don't believe he has options, which is good for us. :) Maybe the switch for Poch at PSG? Could be interesting.