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  1. Same players, different coach. :))
  2. The only game we have a chance to win is against sheff utd. Sure, we can win one more this season if we are lucky enough.
  3. Mihai

    Predict Our Last 8 Games Of This Season...

    I felt at Everton game that Mourinho already abdicated the manager position. He just wait to get those big money.
  4. City to lose both cups in one week? Hmmm hard to believe it. Chelsea played brilliant tactics, Tuchel is a great coach.
  5. Calvert L is missing. We should win this one.
  6. Mihai

    Predict Our Last 8 Games Of This Season...

    11 points, in a big fight for 7th.
  7. The big comedy is that people here were talking about a fight for top 4, when 7th is just a dream. Sometimes we looked like Lpool fans. Deluded.
  8. I just wonder if we want to win this cup or not. For the good future of this club we should lose it. Irony but reality.
  9. It was not a mistake when I wrote Brenda, I read that some voices are mocking up him calling Brenda :)
  10. Everything is about HIM, not about club or team or players.
  11. Leipzig is every year up in top 4, 2nd this year, he is only 33 and I believe we should take a risk and take him now when he is not yet an expensive manager. I also believe it's time to change the generation and the club. We have many 28-29 years old players, sell them now when the price is still high and buy young blood, bring the german manager and start building something.
  12. Julian Nagelsmann and I have to say that Brenda is still impressing me, very good at lpool, very good first season at leicester (they lost the form after covid break last year) and now 3rd should be easily achieved. JN or BR.
  13. I really hope Levy will give money to a real manager who can build something. This outdated muppet wont be able to build anything without spending 700m in a summer. Sack him, hire a young manager and start making a team.
  14. We should play youngsters. At least let's build something. Hard to finish top 7.
  15. Giving up is not the option for you, love for the club is forever :). it's what the shit manager should do tomorrow. :)