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  1. Grandad

    Louis van Gaal

    Louis is a character, he speaks his mind. His press conferences are cracking. He is a good manager and he knows his football. Of the names being mentioned for manager, he is the best.
  2. Grandad


    Never thought it would be easy. A temporary manager always seems to fire up the team, and thats what happened with Fulham last night, they played well, and they made us work for the 3 points. Just glad we won!
  3. Grandad

    PL: Manchester City vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    It was fucking painful to watch. But I don't think sacking AVB is the thing to do.
  4. Grandad

    Harry or AVB?

    I liked Harry, but he seemed to lose interest because he thought he had England Job, and it cost him his job at Spurs, and rightly so! AVB is a better manager and I trust him to get the team on track. We are not where I would like us to be at the moment, but it's still early days, and with each game there is an improvement. Sacking AVB is not the way to go!
  5. Grandad


    It seems the press love to have a dig at Spurs, and just about every man and his dog have joined in. The Pope started the season off by complaining about the money we got for Bale, as if that was Spurs fault! Verts has taken a lot of stick, the pants incident at Villa (i found it funny), and of course when that big tart Torres scratched his face, which was turned around by the press, so the Spurs were made to be the villans. We even got mentioned in Parliament after the Hugo incident! When Lukaku was out cold against WH, it barely got mentioned in the news, he was looked at as a hero for playing on. Again, yesterday when the Polish prick for Arsenil was ko'd, he continued, and very little is said. The press have double standards, and I say fuck 'em!
  6. Grandad

    Hi guys & girls

    Hi Tiggy
  7. Grandad

    Belfast Yid

    Hi Belfast
  8. Grandad

    New guy 62 from Sweden.

    Hi Swede
  9. Grandad

    There's only one Tottenham Hotspur...but

    Lived in Amsterdam for 10 years, so follow Ajax.
  10. He got a boot on his head. Had to change his shirt because of the blood
  11. Grandad

    like father like son

    Love it!
  12. Grandad


    Sandro, a Brazilean Chuck Norris! Top bloke.
  13. Grandad

    New member from Chicago

    Welcome mate