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  1. Cali Yid

    Two new full backs needed for January

    Oh god. The old wages argument. It is what it is. Rose made a costly mistake and I'm sure TS and coaching staff will highlight the significance of his error, as we were still in it until that point. I'm disappointed with performances of some, largely Ade and Soldado, but let's not forget this is a very good Arsenal team who are having a great season. Shame we're out of both cups but can focus on league now, which is a positive.
  2. Cali Yid

    Hughes on Sandro

    ""We don't appreciate some of their players Twittering..." it's quite clearly 'tweeting'. What a cunt.
  3. Cali Yid

    Two new full backs needed for January

    Very disappointed with Soldado. Want to say "system doesn't suit him" but he's struggled to even hit the target as a lone man, and now alongside Ade in a 2 up top. Very disappointed with some of his efforts. Expect someone with his goalscoring record to do a lot better in front of goal.
  4. Cali Yid


    Nothing different. Same problems we had/were having under AVB. Aware Sherwood will need time to implement his ideas but depressing yet again.
  5. Cali Yid

    Highlander's serious candidates

    Gerry Francis
  6. Cali Yid

    Well that's Sherwood's management career over

    See where Ginola's Son is coming from. Losing at home to West Ham is absolutely unacceptable. Not good enough. Though, not fair to judge TS on tonight's performance. AVB never knew his best team. TS won't either. Ade substitution was poor judgement, but expected more from the players against that pile of shit. Embarrassing, yet again.
  7. Really tried to like AVB. Impressed with the way he's got to where he has at his age. But can't fathom what he's doing half the time. Tactics, line-up and substitutions are baffling. Don't think it's beneficial sacking a manager mid-season, but 6-0, 3-0, 5-0 are absolutely unacceptable results. You wouldn't see his former-master Mourinho having to justify those score lines. He's left Levy no choice. Out.