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  1. jb41

    Kane and trophies.....

    Spot on.
  2. Just glad there's some 'Jim Bean' in the cupboard. What with the pandemic and working from home in a bloody cold and drafty shed all year (WiFi enabled I'll hasten to add) I've got to deal with yet another season of despair which feels worse than the previous 45. Where the hell do we go from here? I'm going to the cupboard and could be some time...
  3. Job done. Not one for the purist but looks like they were putting a shift in so can't argue with that. COYS
  4. Tanganga has been very assured so far.
  5. It's 2-0 alright. Not the 'edge of seat classic' I envisaged but I'd take it now if offered More pressing is that I've run out of beers! COYS!
  6. The beers are getting demolished and I'm biting my nails like there's no tomorrow... I can see this turning into a day off work tomorrow already but every cloud and all that...the 3-3 draw earlier should motivate them to pull their finger out!! COYS
  7. Afternoon all. I am going for a thrilling 2-0 win because I live in hope and expect a reaction for us long suffering fans. Get ready for an "edge of the seat" classic :-) COYS
  8. Good shout really. He won't care about big egos, price tags and will give the kids who are good enough a chance.
  9. The manager question is difficult and depends a lot on the culture, the players and the hierarchy. Personally I would like to see Spurs be a bit like Athletico Madrid, fighting against illustrious neighbours because let's face it, we don't win very much. It might mean being a bit more pragmatic but if you see the players putting their heart and soul on the line to get a result then I'd take that all day long rather than playing in entertaining defeats then watching everyone else winning trophies and giving us this "Spursy" shit every season. We almost had that "Simeone" experience with Poch where the club, the squad and the fans were galvanized and got within touching distance of real glory but I don't think Jose has that effect on the wider squad and is too decisive. You can tell from the interview with Loris yesterday that there is discontent in the camp. I would go for one of the following and back them up with cash and time... Nagelsmann Brendan Rodgers Stephen Gerrard (wildcard but you can't knock his passion) Now the third real ale has kicked in, I really need to get some sleep. COYS
  10. Not been on here for a while. Mainly because I'm still trying to get over our home game against Chelsea but agree 100%, give the armband to Hoijberg. A captain needs to be kicking people whether it's his teammates or the oppo or preferably both. Anyway, back to the padded cell where I can rock myself to sleep with those memories of a toothless Graham Roberts smiling and with a trophy in his hands...where does the time go? Take care all and keep safe.
  11. jb41

    PL: TOTTENHAM v Arsenal

    Afternoon all. I can see us trying to soak it up and playing for counter attacks today so probably a nervous, cagey affair. Hopefully I'm wrong and we nick it 5:4 in a absolute classic but can't see it. COYS
  12. jb41


    I'd take Tim Sherwood back...he started the good work before Potch arrived and would give the kids a run out.
  13. jb41


    I'd agree. If he's travelled and fit then start him. He looked world class in some of the CL games last season which is why we bought him. If JM's asking for more from him then he needs to play and maybe tonight have some defensive cover around him. Got to start well though and keep it tight for long periods if it's possible and hope it's our night. COYS
  14. jb41


    Got relegation troubles? Looking to climb the table? Got a striker on a barren run who needs a goal or three to boost his confidence? Worry no more! Play Spurs and we will be happy to accommodate you. Joking aside, I can see us nicking this and that's after only 2 beers so I must be lucid? COYS
  15. jb41


    Bring back Vorm...ffs