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  1. BlockFeet

    Dulux Sponsorship Fiasco

    Trick question. b) and c) are actually the same thing.
  2. BlockFeet

    Dulux Sponsorship Fiasco

    Would you rather: a) read that interesting article about paint b) watch Spurs grind through matches under Mourinho c) watch paint dry
  3. BlockFeet

    Dulux Sponsorship Fiasco

    Well It’s really the kind of thing that’s forgotten almost immediately by most people I think, so best to just move on. I do wonder if it was attempted self-depreciating humour gone wrong, or a cheeky twat on their social team seeing an opportunity to goad Spurs. We have an approval system in place at our place for social posts (plus mortgages are regulated a lot more than paint!) but bigger brands often tend to relax their control process around Twitter slightly as they have so many messages going back and forth and they need to be fleet of foot to respond and react. You can imagine Levy calling their Execs about it though... Who even knows why we have an official paint partner anyway - our main colour is just white!
  4. BlockFeet

    PL Everton Vs SPURS Friday 16th April 20:00 K.O.

    Agree. It is bizarre that we found a way of winning (or at least scoring) consistently via Son and now we get so little out of him. Still good in bursts of course but we hardly play to his strengths any more.
  5. BlockFeet

    Dulux Sponsorship Fiasco

    Im head of marketing for a mortgage lender and my team run a corporate social media account. We’re nothing like as well known as Dulux with a much smaller team, but there’s no way we’d make a balls up like this. I’d quite like Dulux to actually say what went wrong, as it looks like an intentional anti-Spurs person had control of their messages. It’s not at all serious compared to some of the vile things you see on social media, but The replies aren’t really funny, and are just mocking us. If they were supposed to come across as intentional ‘gallows humour’ then they’ve missed the mark. There would have been an amusing way to reply to the questions in a tongue in cheek way, as the banter can be fun at times, Overall it’s an awful way for dulux to conduct themselves and seemingly the type of thing that always happens to us now.
  6. BlockFeet

    Roy Keane remarks on Spurs 'softness'...

    I think the top teams still love to beat us as they know we are (or were?) relatively close to muscling in on their act. A bit off topic, but based on how little we’ve won over past 30 or so years, it is amazing that we’re globally the 10th richest club. That business achievement must (surely? Hopefully?) eventually translate to sustained success on the pitch. Oh to be the 10th most successful club in the world in term of league/cup success. That would do me!
  7. BlockFeet

    Roy Keane remarks on Spurs 'softness'...

    Some interesting points. I think the added pressure on Spurs comes from the whole club, at every level, being absolutely desperate for some kind of trophy success to go with our excellent off-field progress. Everyone knows it. The trouble is You need to get proven trophy winners into the side to change the current chokers mentality, who are almost always too expensive for Spurs in terms of fee or wages. We do have Lloris, Bale and Hart in the squad who have all been big winners elsewhere, but everyone else is really either up and coming or a nearly-man. You can of course have talented fearless younger players and great coaching - which ALMOST worked with Poch! When we were in the (relatively close) title ‘chase’ season with Leicester, I also noted on several occasion opposition players and managers praising Leicester City and saying they’d much prefer Leicester to win than Spurs. I thought that was very unprofessional but for me shows that other teams sometimes raise their game more against Spurs to stop us winning anything! Just some more thoughts.
  8. BlockFeet

    If Kane Asks To Leave This Summer......

    I think much depends on whether Levy sticks with Mourinho or twists and gets in someone new. (Assuming there is someone available and keen). A new manager would obviously be keen for Kane to stay and would want the opportunity to sell their vision to the squad. With the Euros coming this summer we might not see any big player moves until after the tournament. Logistics are harder to sort beforehand and you’re slightly worried (as a buyer) about potential burn out/injury of your target player. So this situation might mean Levy has a bit of time to work on the manager/squad/Kane situation in the summer, we’ll see! It might also mean that some retiring international managers become available after the tournament. Can’t remember who manages who these days, but maybe that’s another angle to consider.
  9. BlockFeet

    PL SPURS Vs Man Utd Sunday 11th April 16:30 K.O.

    Most of our performances against the top sides this season have been of the annoying ‘soak-up-the-pressure’ variety, sitting back, defending deep and hitting teams on the break. Never great to watch although It sort of worked (to an extent) in several earlier matches - although too often our various forwards missed sitters that would /could have won us the match and we ended up losing. One of exception to this is the match vs ManU which i recall was more open, with us scoring every chance and taking full advantage of Lamela’s antics to win the red card. So in this game a more confident attacking ManU side seeking to avenge that earlier defeat will no doubt come at us and dominate possession, whilst we sit back and try again on the break. So for us to win in this way I feel loads of our players need to be fully on their game, right throughout the team. Unfortunately, Given our current struggles and potential low squad morale, it’s a very big stretch to see that happening. One positive for us is that we should have a fully fit GLC available, in midfield with NDombele and Hojbjerg. This must surely be one of the best midfields in the prem, on paper! Assuming no injuries My team would be: Llorris, Aurier, Rodon, Toby, Reguillon, Hojbjerg, NDombele, GLC, Moura, Son, Kane. 4-3-3 Lamela, Bale, Dele and Sissoko to be called upon depending on how the match is going.
  10. BlockFeet

    Is Bale Back Or Just Being Crafty ?

    Once the Carabao cup final is out of the way then you could maybe say similar about some of our other international stars. With the Euros coming up will some of our players put a full shift in if an injury/strain might jeopardise their international selection chances?
  11. BlockFeet

    PL Newcastle Vs SPURS Sunday 4th April 14:05 K.O.

    An Easter blessing for us all! Hopefully they get well soon but Son and Reguillon coming back is a boost.
  12. BlockFeet

    Predict Our Last 8 Games Of This Season...

    Back on the win wagon! COYS
  13. BlockFeet

    "Mourinho Next For The Sack" Odds Tumble to 13/10

    True if Kane really wants to leave AND there is a club willing to buy him who he wants to play for, then it could happen. Still can’t see Levy allowing him to go to either Manc club though. So that probably leaves RM or PSG.
  14. BlockFeet

    Hart Apologises ....

    He was a strange signing, even on a free! Nothing too much wrong with Paulo as a number 2 GK, although Hart hasn’t been dreadful either. I’m all for bringing some experienced older ‘winners’ into the team (we lack them!) but we already have a very experienced WC winning GK as a number 1 and we have Bale who’s won the CL and La Liga multiple times.
  15. BlockFeet

    Hart Apologises ....

    You do have to just sit back and laugh sometimes. What a plonker! Someone in his social media team is in trouble...
  16. BlockFeet

    "Mourinho Next For The Sack" Odds Tumble to 13/10

    Why/how would we ‘lose’ Kane? Someone would still actually have to buy him and Levy would have to accept an offer to end his current (3yr remaining contract) early. You’d be looking at around £150m for Kane. Not many clubs can afford that (PSG? ManC? RM? ManU?) and Levy just won’t sell, almost certainly not to a Prem rival. Kane’s agent can tout him around all he likes - you’re still only talking about the same 2-3 clubs. It seems more likely to me that Mourinho will go and the next manager (whoever he may be) builds the team around Kane and would convince him to stay. Kane can go abroad when he’s older (has talked about playing until he’s 40!) to an easier league and win things.
  17. BlockFeet

    "Mourinho Next For The Sack" Odds Tumble to 13/10

    Why would Rogers leave Leics right now for Spurs? They’ve got rich owners, a fantastic training ground just opened and a positive mood/spirit about the place with some good players. I presume he’s well paid and happy. Yes we are a bigger club - but hard to see it happening when they’ll almost certainly be in CL next season and we almost certainly wont.
  18. BlockFeet

    Spurs Scrap Heap Challenge

    ha! I actually wrote up this list in bed last night whilst stewing over the awful result and overall state of our team/squad! I’m keeping a few of your options as ‘useful squad players’ for some lower level matches, based on current performances and/or potential to get better as they’re still young: This is my rogues gallery... Aurier - sell Dier - sell Dele - sell Sissoko - sell Winks - sell Hart - sell Sanchez - sell Foyth - sell Vinicius - send back Caveats: Dele (potentially) to be retained if a new manager comes in who wants to try and work with him/play to his strengths.
  19. BlockFeet

    Predict Our Last 8 Games Of This Season...

    Ballsed it up. As crap as we were tonight (in the Europa League) we can still beat Villa and Newcastle!
  20. BlockFeet

    EPL Dinamo Zagreb Vs SPURS 18th March 17:55 K.O.

    I’ll take that. Just need to get through the tie with no more knocks/injuries to key players.
  21. BlockFeet

    PL Arsenal Vs SPURS Sunday 14th March 16:30 k.o.

    Let’s just win the damn Europa League.
  22. BlockFeet

    PL Arsenal Vs SPURS Sunday 14th March 16:30 k.o.

    Well he was going to block the shot right with a last ditch lunge right? So not a complete Aurier-esque howler of a penalty and maybe not even a pen.
  23. BlockFeet

    PL Arsenal Vs SPURS Sunday 14th March 16:30 k.o.

    Let’s hope your mum is on the mend and you’re smiling later, despite the cracked tooth!
  24. BlockFeet

    PL Arsenal Vs SPURS Sunday 14th March 16:30 k.o.

    I went with a draw on that ‘next 5 matches’ thread so sticking with that prediction. No real science behind my view - I just didn’t want to raise my expectations! I’ll be delighted to be proved wrong...
  25. 2-0 solid enough win. Any chance falls to Kane is a goal - less so for anyone else. Nice that Hoijberg comes in and gets an intentional tactical yellow. Means he's not at risk of missing one of the quarters.