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  1. 1 hour ago, Craig Truespur said:

    Oh wow my younger two are twins as well now 11 going on 20,  yours boys or girls? Do they bicker constantly like mine do:1579412966_emo1: as I said I'll be a token Welsh man today seeing Bale destroy any team makes me happy,  let's all raise a bottle or a glass together:z3:

    Ha ha well my two lads have just turned 4… yes they bicker and fight all the time, then best friends again afterwards. Just like me and the wife ha! 

    They’re a bit young to follow a full match, but I’ve fully indoctrinated them about Spurs so they can name most of our players… great parenting! 

    Yep Bale was awesome the other day, but I also think Davies and Rodon have been very solid too. Defo get behind Wales today. 

  2. Well said! My dad is coming round for Sunday lunch at ours and after I’ll be taking my twins to a bike track and play area in Skipton. Timings are all designed to ensure I can be back at home watching Wales play Italy with a beer in hand!

    Happy Father’s Day all!

  3. 11 hours ago, Jamesinashby said:

    It is very concerning about Harry. 

    I have a lot of sympathy for him. Much of the time when he comes in for criticism, in those games he has received very little  of the ball in the positions he scores from. I don't think he hides. If the coach doesn't include the players to get the crosses and through balls for him, he is being wasted and it is impossible for him to score. He is the No 1 best player most likely to score but he needs the ball to be supplied to him. 

    My concern is that he is getting a tad pissed off with the team selection and the other players letting him down by choosing the wrong option when passing and not getting the ball to him. Add to that all the journos rubbishy gossip about whether he goes or stays and the Horlicks over then new manager, he must be feeling the strain. 

    We know he is one of the best ever, I don't believe he has suddenly lost it. Football is a team game not individual. I put much of his current below par performances down to the manager and fellow team mates. 



    Some good points here, but on the occasions when he has got the ball he’s been strangely terrible at the Euros! Simple things he does perfectly for Spurs aren’t working at all - poor first touches, simple passes going astray, weak shots or miss-hits. He also just looks slow and jaded. I’m a huge fan of Kane, absolutely love him, but he’s having a shocker so far!

    I fully back him to come good though. Plus if he’s had some of the easier chances that others have squandered, he’d have scored for sure.

  4. 1 minute ago, Alonso said:

    I can't remember  who our next manager is replacing it's been so long....but I am glad it isn't Fonseca regardless.


    Remember, Levy said many of the media mentioned names have never even been contacted by Spurs.  My guess is they are still, and have been working a particular Manager and it just isn't getting leaked into the press.  The media are just throwing out names to create stories.




    Exactly. Media speculation and made up nonsense. People are being spoken to. Enquiries and interviews will take place. A formal job offer will be made to someone. When an offer is accepted it’ll be announced.

  5. Kane seemed to be ok at making space for others and I guess he always occupies defenders, but he really wasn’t great. I’m sure he’d say he didn’t get much service though.

    If Kane plays shit at the Euros or (heaven forbid) gets injured then he might not get sold after all… or would it just lower his price tag?

  6. 10 minutes ago, Borodin said:

    The general rumour is that Levy wishes to make a double announcement next week of DOF and manager which will give an image of an already established partnership between the two of them. All media hype and Daniel trying to impress the supporters (fat chance).

    We’ll He’s not impressing me at all. 

  7. 24 minutes ago, USSpurs said:

    Well ForFuckSaka is signed. It’s done, I’m done. (

    This club is done 

    Has it been announced? Where?

    Not who most (all?) of us would have wanted when this search began. I expect the players too (especially Kane and Son) will be underwhelmed.

    Let’s hope he comes in and does an amazing job, although I’m not hopeful - too many unknowns. I’ll get behind him and the team though.

    The worst part is the shitty negative PR around it. Appointing the guy who was sacked for Mourinho is just utterly embarrassing. 

    Levy has overseen a disastrous period and this is the lowest I’ve felt about Spurs for years. Might not come into this forum much until after the Euros as I’m just fed up with many aspects of my club. 

  8. 49 minutes ago, Mihai said:

    Guys, Conte is not a manager to build something. Conte is another Mourinho type. 1-2 years then gone. 

    I agree. Although it has to be said (as much as we dislike them), the chop & change approach does work at Chelsea....regular managerial changes and regular trophies. They do spend huge money of course, that we don’t/won’t have. 

  9. 38 minutes ago, Borodin said:

    From now on you will be regarded as this forum's ITK advisor, a position only second to @Hastingsyid who is regarded as God around here. We await whatever crumbs of information you are able to provide :thumb:

    Right then. I can’t tell you exactly what he replied as it will explain his role and give up his identity! 

    But he said:
    “unfortunately Daniel doesn’t disclose this information with me in [my role].

    So not much use! 

    Note the first name terms on Daniel! 

  10. 7 minutes ago, Borodin said:

    But financially that doesn't make sense. If PSG sack him then they will owe him for the 12mths he has left on his contract. Why not just let him go for nothing if he really wants to leave and come back to Spurs ...then appoint Conte ??

    So many variables in this, PSG won't let him go, Poch wants to see his contract out and win the French League next season to prove himself, Poch doesn't want to return to Spurs (yet), Real Madrid are interested and PSG would prefer to deal with them..:em8:. It's all very confusing :em21: but it helps take our minds off our other problems, like getting rid of a pile of dross next window and replacing them with some quality players.

    I have a mate who works at Spurs and Ive texted him to ask what’s happening with the Kane and Poch rumours. I’ll advise shortly if I hear owt interesting! 

  11. FFS Pirlo is now available after being sacked by Juve.


    List of options: 

    Poch, Conte, Mason, Pirlo, Martinez, Ten Haag, Zidane, Rangnick, Allegri, Inzaghi, Rodgers, Nuno, Scotty Parker, Potter, Southgate, Klinsmann, Hodgson, Jenas, Hoddle, Redknapp, Jol, Gross, Venables, Gascoigne, Nayim, Mabbutt

    Who have I forgotten?

  12. 11 hours ago, Borodin said:

    I can't say because as @Audere Est Facere quite rightly points out I keep changing my mind. :dd:.

    My big fear with a Poch return is just what do we expect from the guy. Are we to settle back,  enjoy entertaining football with regular but unsuccessful CL appearances and be satisfied with just that or do we have ambitions as a club to lift silverware of some sorts ? Poch was never too keen on the domestic cups remember and played them down whenever interviewed. In January of 2019 he said :

    “We are going to create a debate that to win a trophy is going to help the club,” he said. “I don’t agree with that. That only builds your ego. In reality the most important thing is being consistently in the top four and playing in the Champions League.

    Link : https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/jan/27/mauricio-pochettino-spurs-focus-top-four-not-cups

    So the big question is just what are our (meaning Levy's) expectations ?. I'm sure he'd love to return to the financially lucrative seasons of a constant top four finish but is that where his ambitions stop or is he willing to bankroll a genuine title challenge under Poch's guidance ?

    We definitely need a rescue programme for our current situation but if in three years time we found ourselves still without a trophy and, to put it bluntly, treading water whilst watching Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Man Utd steal all the limelight could we honestly consider that a success story ??

    I hear you sir.

    Poch did take us to the final of the Carabao cup in 2015 (or 2014? I forget!) and I think there was an FA Cup semi too. But yes, we definitely did prioritise league and Euro performance over domestic cups, which almost worked out. 

    As Mihai has just said, you can definitely see us needing sustained CL income now to recover from the crap years of Jose and the pandemic. Some stability would also be good, help wash away the negativity surrounding the club.

    However, I’d like to think that we’re just a few shrewd signings off being competitive in all comps next season. With better defenders and/or better tactics (ie. Poch style aggression, pressing and higher % possession rather than Jose park the bus) we’d have surely claimed 10-12 more points in the league and so been fighting for 2nd this season. 

    Cant quite recall who Poch had in the squad when he left, but I’d say that Reguillon, Hojbjerg, NDombele, LoCelso and Bergwijn (now they are all fully integrated at Spurs and the Prem League) are upgrades on what we had before.  Add in Skipp, Rodon and maybe Sess/Foyth (plus Bale?) plus a few of the youth and surely the squad is stronger now than what Poch had before?

    I can certainly see him getting us playing well, with a good spirit and much better energy! 

    Plus there will hopefully be some signings to come in key positions (CB, RB, AM) and we’ll ship out some stale deadwood. 

    It’s all irrelevant anyway though as the news about Scotty Parker’s return to Spurs can only be hours away now! :-) 

  13. 1 hour ago, Mihai said:

    We were better under Pochetino but far away than having big club mentality. Should be fine to come back but not now, he needs more experience, 1 year at PSG wont change him too much. Let's not forget how bad we played in the last year under him. 

    Yes a huge drop off in the last year but the squad should have been refreshed way before that.

    Of all the candidates we’ve been linked with or who might be available, who do you want?