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  1. Gino Ginelli

    Who would you sell to raise funds....WHo has to GO GO GO!

    Would anyone want to take that risk though?
  2. Gino Ginelli

    Danny Rose

    I disagreed with Harry's "He'll only ever make it as a left back, nothing else". Personally I think if he sticks to LB he won't make it. Not at the top level anyway. Good enough for a bottom half club. Might do better as an actual left-sided midfielder. But even then not good enough for us.
  3. Gino Ginelli

    Who would you sell to raise funds....WHo has to GO GO GO!

    No one is going to take Adebayor. 100k wages, risks being marginalised by a top forward coming in, 4 year contract... it's Man City all over again and we'll be stuck with him for a while I'm afraid. Unless some crazy Russian/Turkish/Chinese team comes in. Wenger and him should just make up so he can go back to Arsenal. It's the only place he was happy. Other than that, just clear the books of all the players who are no where near the first team and won't make it. i.e. Bentley, Gomes, Rose, Falque, Townsend etc etc...
  4. Gino Ginelli

    What positions do we need top players for?

    1) Agree... Fabio Contraeo is reportedly up for sale this summer. 2) This is Gareth Bale no? 3) Yup... Hulk could be available cut price as he wants out of whatever wierd russian club it is he joined.
  5. Gino Ginelli

    who has been the biggest let down

    This season... the fans. Up and down like a pair of kangeroos on their wedding night.
  6. Gino Ginelli

    who has been the biggest let down

    This. Very much this. Hoddle marginalised him as well... sent him off to West Ham. More a case of us ruining a top player.
  7. Gino Ginelli

    AVB to Real?

    "Had"?? You mean he's staying for sure then? AVB recently said that he wants to manage in other countries and he'd rather do it sooner than later, so who knows what would happen if Real come knocking? Although I've read that Real want a big fan friendly appointment this time, probably involving Zidane as assistant... So Micahel Laudrup then? :D
  8. Gino Ginelli

    Congratulations to Gareth Bale

    We did already... seem to remember Scott Parker winning it last year :)