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One Man team?

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Time to step up and be counted other 20+ squad members.


To be fair many do and have been so I am not too worried about Bale probably missing, though he's been stretchered off before and been back quickly but last nights seemed a bit more serious certainly to look at. God why dont they wear boots like we had in the 80s, proper protection to the ankles and feet.


anyway, Dembele step forwards into Bales role for me, Ade, JD when back, Dempsey, Parker, Hudd or preferably Tommy Carroll, the back boys, you all need to increase performance by 10% each for the remainign matches else you will always be known as the "one man team" and you dont want that to happen do you my boys!


You dont want the gooner skank, the chelsea headhunters (yeh fecking hairdresser poofters the lot of em) to be 'right' when they say we are a one man team, proof these scumbags wrong, step up and be counted.


Now is YOUR time, do NOT fail us.

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