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What for you will constitute a succesful 18/19 season!

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8 hours ago, sissoko(fan) said:

No Bro not Welsh but all the way from the Caribbean Island of Trinidad and Tobago and have been a spurs fan since in the days of Chris Waddle, Glen Hoddle, Garth Crooks, Ray Clements,Ardilles Villa, Houton  so my love for Spurs go way way back but I love my Spurs family and I am glad to be on board.

So, are you UK based now ?

I've still not got around to visiting the Caribbean Islands yet.....  it's on my list...


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you know when I look at I am a Sissoko fan not because he is a world beater, but because he represent the spirit of the Cockrel he fights to the bitter end, he never complained about the lack of play time even when he came on with 5 mins left in the game. with his price tag, he came over from thr toons with a lot of expectations and initially he was playing as though he had an anvil on his back but I think he had a boss game against I think it was Chelsea last season and the shackles seem to have fallen off of his feet and he is a midfield beast  I love his hussle and he seem now yo be able to pick a pass look at the breakaway goal from Son against Lester City it was a Sissoko lob over thr midfield which set Son on his way and we must credit the gaffer for persisting with him.

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You know when I look at Aurer, he gives me the impression that he is playing football to be accepted by the crowd. He seem to be an attention driven guy but again I like him, he is a no nonsense tackler  a little bit anxious and ambitious but a very good role player.

But whats all this rotation at right back is the manager yet to settle on an established back 4-3 because Trippier, Walker Peters, Aurier,Dier at times or is it horses for courses with Poch. 

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