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Carragher Praises Spurs (Honestly)

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Jamie Carragher has written in the Telegraph :

Jamie Carragher has written that Tottenham Hotspur winning the title would be great for the Premier League.The former Liverpool star, who now works as a pundit for Sky Sports, has added that he knows that Arsenal fans will not agree with his claim.Carragher has added that he does not think that even Spurs players think that they can win the title this season.

“At the moment, the idea of Spurs winning the Premier League remains fanciful. I hear people say it, but I do not think they really believe it. I suspect the Spurs players do not believe it. I am not even convinced Mourinho thinks his team is ready yet. I certainly don’t. Not with the back four they have.”Carragher added: “Arsenal fans will disagree, but I think it would be great for the Premier League if Spurs became title challengers, or won it. They are a club it is difficult to dislike, going back to my youth when they always tried to indulge the skilful players like Glenn Hoddle, Ossie Ardiles and later Paul Gascoigne.

“Harry Redknapp’s Spurs side played great stuff, and their superb football under Mauricio Pochettino deserved more. Aside from a few cups, they have always been a ‘nearly team’. Mourinho was brought in to shed that tag.”


I am sure we will see a definite media bias swing as Spurs continue to progress in the league and Europe. Despite it sticking in the throats of many pundits they cannot dispute the facts or table standings. Slowly they will begin to reshape their opinions and then if Tottenham should raise some silverware this season there won't be too much egg on their faces.

It sickens me to hear Gary Neville, Carragher, Souness etc etc all berating Tottenham and dismissing their prospects with a shrug of the shoulders. Well now they are having to sing from a different hymn book and the 6-1 stuffing of Man Utd made it impossible for us to be swept under the media carpet.

So I thank Jamie for his comments but have no misconceptions regarding his motives for doing so.


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I have no idea why the pundits have become so negative towards Spurs. For the 3 seasons when Poch took us to 2nd and 3rd places, they were purring over the football played then - even saying we were the best footballing club in the EPL. 

If, as I believe we will, have a really good season and bringing in silverware, they will have to eat their words - we will get the last laugh. 


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