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Craig Truespur

Joe Lewis sells property to raise funds for transfers

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 it's really funny the saying Joe Lewis is selling his house in Florida for transfer funds I don't think he's got much of his own money into the club is he I don't know if mostly borrowed for the Stadium play ourselves of covered most of the player buys and also own an American football team as far as I know.

Also I know he swans around on his 40 million yacht comes into London very really to watch any games I can't knock them for what they've done with the stadium and actually with some of the latest transfers it would be nice to actually hear from this guy who supposedly own our club and what he tends to do with it in the future.

 Daniels never even mentioned him or what a future plan Enic will be.I was always told rumours once the stadium was built and we had some success and we'll worth buying they would probably sell us in a heartbeat along with the hotel on the stadium everything around it.

I'm guessing covid will slow everything down on any plans but it would be nice to know what's happening and even if we've got plans/funds ready for January


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Just now, Borodin said:

On the bones of his arse last I heard :one:

Yeah I reckon he's had to downsize yet because they have to raise London Bridge when he comes in probably had to widen the Atlantic before when he came in so rich which is probably had to slim down to a dingy now but the size of the QE2

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He doesn’t own a nfl team fella ,,,selling that house cos no one lives there lol,,,he is one of the biggest sponsors of world yachting,,,he has never put a penny into spurs ever 

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