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    This has to stop

    Why not just have referees with big enough balls to put a stop to it early on in the game by giving the offenders a card which will point out to the rest of the team what will happen again if it persists
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    Vertonghen Option Activated

    I don't think this means he wants to leave at all. In fact, the first place I saw it was his personal Twitter account and he seemed excited by it. I think it just means terms on a longer deal have not yet been agreed to by both sides. Perhaps there was even a date in the contract by which the extension had to be exercised. Regardless, I consider this a positive.
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    Sanchez and Foyth apparently both back in full training and in contention for tomorrow. Vertonghen out till January with a thigh injury suffered against Barca. Dier out till January after appendix surgery. Wanyama doing gym work, no return date. Dembele and Aurier are working outside but not yet back in full training with the squad.