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  1. Richardanthonyc

    Selling Caulker - a mistake?

    I loved Caulker... we should have kept him as he had so much potential!
  2. Richardanthonyc


    I think we are cursed no matter what we do so why care... lol :(
  3. Richardanthonyc

    The need for a centre back - with PACE

    Caulker is young and after another full season of playing with Cardiff he will be a lot better. The main reason I want him back is because he is such a great asset for set pieces, both defending and attacking. He is also not as slow as people seem to think he is and can be top class if given a run of games
  4. Richardanthonyc

    The need for a centre back - with PACE

    We are so slow, injury prone and mistake prone in our centre of defence these days. With the exception of Vertonghen I seriously doubt any of our centre backs are good enough for what we need to push on Kaboul - Had one great season with us - been injured ever since Dawson - Great servant but has the turning speed of an oil tanker and is in horrendous form Chiriches - At first won me over by being cheeky, making a fool of a couple of attackers with clever flick etc but he is ALWAYS losing the ball - takes way too long to decide what to do with the ball and has been making a lot of mistakes. Our fullbacks are fine with Walker and Fredericks at right back and Rose at left back with Fryers to cover him. We get done with the ball over the top all the time and our centre backs in 1 v 1's are too slow to catch anyone who is even slightly fast. Caulker - come back please... you can also defend set pieces and attack them too....
  5. Richardanthonyc


    Chiriches... just awful today
  6. Richardanthonyc


    Chiriches is giving me Kittens
  7. Richardanthonyc


    Jermaine "the most natural finisher" Defoe who has failed to score in his last 26 premier league games?
  8. Richardanthonyc

    Holtby and Capoue in reserves

    hahahahaha eat that you moaning twats. Sherwood knows what he is doing
  9. Richardanthonyc

    Sherwood given job to end of the season apparently

    We are six points off the top of the league. Why can't we challenge for the title? We have the players, we are starting to score goals (and concede more I know) but if we win our next 3 games then we could be potentially only 3-4 points off the top going into January IMO. AUDERE EST FACERE! Bill Nicholson said, 'It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory" COYS
  10. Richardanthonyc

    Premier League Replays

    footyroom.com has all the games and highlights
  11. Richardanthonyc

    Well that's Sherwood's management career over

    I could not give two shites is Sherwood supported Arsenal growing up and still wishes them well. He has done a fantastic job as the technical co-ordinator of our club and in my opinion if he wins the next few games and gets us back playing entertaining football then I will be very happy. I am 100% behind him as he will also blood our youngsters and I genuinely think he wants what is best for the team/club. Arry was a gooner too - didn't hear anyone crying when he got us champions league
  12. Richardanthonyc

    PL: Southampton vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    in Chadli's defence I think he needs a run of games to get his confidence. He has had a lot of niggling injuries since he came too. In the West Ham game he would have had a goal too if not for O'Briens great last second tackle. He takes up good positions and is a threat
  13. Richardanthonyc

    PL: Southampton vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    I genuinely fear for this match. I have lost all confidence in our team especially if we go 4-4-2. It looked ok vs West Ham reserves in the Carling cup but I think 4-3-3 is the only logical formation our array of midfielders can be used in. We have the players to play a Barcelona esque formation
  14. Richardanthonyc

    Ade and Benny

    No way in Hell Ade is being paid 190,000 a week by Spurs
  15. Richardanthonyc

    Sherwood Video

    THIS X10000000