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  1. Peanuts on the Paxton

    Tottenham Hotspur v Man City

    That's the spirit! A little positivity doesnt hurt does it. I know it's a bit of a cliche, but it will come down to who wants it more. And I think that that may well be us. City were hardly pulling up trees against Wigan last night. If they are not on their game then we can definitely win this one.
  2. Peanuts on the Paxton


    Legend. Darts, martial arts, singing and playing the guitar. There is no end to this man's talents. I hear he isnt bad with a football as well.
  3. Peanuts on the Paxton

    Jermain Defoe

    Lol. Apart from that.........he's brilliant! We didnt miss him in January. We wont miss him now.
  4. Peanuts on the Paxton

    Next Gen?

    Its all on here:- http://www.nextgenseries.com/ We lost out in the quarters to Sporting Lisbon (3-5 a.e.t) and Villa won it ffs!!
  5. Peanuts on the Paxton

    Player of the Season?

    This. You really can't look past Bale for everything that he has contributed so far this season. You have just got to love Vertonghen tho. His first season at the club and he looks like he has always been there. A true 'Tottenham' player. Class.
  6. Peanuts on the Paxton


    I totally agree, it does just feel right this year and I think you can include the AVB factor in there as well with him as a previous winner of the competition. Whatever competition it is, you cant beat a cup final and I would love us to win this. Basel are no mugs tho and we still have some serious work to do. I cant help feeling that if we are to win it, we will have to beat Chelsea to do so. And we all remember how good that felt in 2008......and that was just the Carling cup.
  7. Peanuts on the Paxton

    Bale - One of the Spurs all-time greats already?

    I think the players you mention are considered legends because they were all particularly bright stars and outstanding performers in generally fairly average sides. They made those teams worth watching. Our aspirations and expectations are different now and we have a team with several really great players which could really go places. Bale staying with us and helping drive us on to some tangible success will make sure he obtains legendary status. It could even happen this season if we win the Europa.
  8. Peanuts on the Paxton

    70 points?

    70 pts? If that is going to be enough then yes, I think we can do it. We need 13 from 7 and with our last 4 games all really winnable then there is potentially 12 right there. We have generally done ok against the lower sides that we should be beating, especially away from home (yes, there are 1 or 2 exceptions). We have Everton at home at the weekend and them without Fellaini and Pienaar I think we will win. 15 points without even thinking about Chelsea and City. On the other hand it could all go tits up but I prefer to be optimistic. I believe we are a different animal under AVB.
  9. Peanuts on the Paxton

    Who are ya?

    Name: Richard Age: 44 Location: Suffolk Years a Spurs fan: First match at The Lane was in 1978, FA Cup 3rd round vs Bolton. Something changed me that day! Favourite Spurs player: For his complete and utter genius I would have to say Gazza. Currently, Sandro. We miss him terribly. Favourite Match: April 14th 1991