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  1. Whatever happened to Yedlin's long-rumored permanent move to Sunderland?
  2. Kramer840

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Liverpool

    Have to finish these chances. I hope it's not bad leftover Soldado karma for Janssen to be wearing the #9. I see Spurs winning 2-1.
  3. Kramer840

    Impartial Fixture Computer?

    Then what do we make of Liverpool's schedule? After this weekend, 3 away games out of 3 to start the season.
  4. He can bond with the real team that's still in London and elsewhere. I think only Eriksen and a couple other "big names" made the trip. Everyone else are youngsters that'll be wearing something like #58 on the field.
  5. Kramer840

    Lloris' contract

    Just saw on ESPN's Transfer Talk that our old friends Real Madrid might put up a bid of 35 million for Lloris since they can't get De Gea.
  6. Kramer840

    End of the season

    I thought I heard that 4th place would only lose their spot in the CL if City and Liverpool both won their tourneys AND finished outside the top 4. Countries can get 5 teams into the CL now. And since City is out, if Liverpool win, they'll go to the group stage and the 4th place team stays in the last qualifying round.
  7. Kramer840

    NEW JERSEYS 2016/17

    Is there going to be a different sponsor for the CL jerseys like the last time they were in it?
  8. Vertonghen looks like the kind of guy who would fill the "father" role. I think it's the haircut.
  9. Kramer840

    End of the season

    Am I a bad fan if I said I would've been happy with a top-3 finish and guaranteed Champions League, even a few months ago when the title was still up for grabs? I'm not a glass half empty kind of guy, just realistic.
  10. Kramer840

    EL: Fiorentina vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Who captained the team today before Kane came on?
  11. Kramer840

    PL: Crystal Palace vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Should we win? Absolutely. Will we win? Who knows. This is the kind of game where I could see Spurs play down to the opponent's level and be lucky to salvage a draw. Then again, they could win 4-0.
  12. Kramer840

    FAC: Leicester City vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    Why the fuck couldn't they play like this last Wednesday? Yes, it's nice the team is pretty much slotted into the 5th round based on the draw, but I'd rather have the precious 3 points in the PL table.
  13. Kramer840

    Europa Cup: FC Dnipro vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    My bad. I think the article I read said a potential match against Benfica would be between the Ars and Chelsea.
  14. Kramer840

    Europa Cup: FC Dnipro vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR

    So is Sherwood going to put out a strong team in the return leg sandwiched between the Arsenal and Chelsea matches?