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  1. daft yank

    Left back right back

    A few years since my last post on here and finally had the time to get past that password username thing. Obviously much has changed about our beloved club with the Poch (god bless) sacking and the appointment of Mourinho etc.. I like many of you was mortified for about a half a day over Poch being fired and later that day warmed up quickly to the idea of the and even felt a little “flattered” by the appointment of the “great one” to the helm of our somewhat humble club. I much like a lot of us stood with arms folded and waited to see if this was going to be a repeat of the last to appointments for Mourinho or if something had changed/matured about Jose. One thing that was immediately apparent was how the younger members of the squad would likely take to this appointment the Sessignons,Foyths, maybe Winks etc... He is after all the winning-est (trophy wise) (and otherwise) coach ever appointed to lead our club. At the time of the sacking my fear was that Chelsea was looking to be yet again rising toward being the best club in London under the tutelage of Frank Lampard arguably one of the best players ever in the premier league(hated him none the less) and was enjoying the “folley filled play at Arsenal with Lacouzette and Abamuyang(forgive the spellings) wondering where they had landed. I almost feel that the mere appointment of Mourinho upset the confidence and the structure in London and the league over all. That being said there is no shaking the confidence of Brendog Rogers at Leicester, nor can you rattle the cage of Liverpool with their massive budget and having one of the best defenders in the world in Virgil Van Dyjk. Currently Manchester United star seems to be on the rise and Man City looks vulnerable for the first time in recent history. Now to my Question I keep hearing rumors that we are looking at offensive players and midfield players in the transfer market but it seems our problems are at leftback and right back. I heard a rumor that we were looking at Marouane Fellani in the window which I truly hope is a falsehood designed to upend Hotspurs fN’s confidence in Mourinho. (I failed to mention earlier that I am in love with this updated version of Jose and find him extremely likeable, that is until in a press conference where throws an individual player under the bus)
  2. daft yank

    Champions League - 2018

    having Arsenal and Relegation in the same sentence pleases me very much
  3. daft yank

    Champions League 2019

    I think he;ll be appealing to the UEFA officials
  4. daft yank

    Champions League 2019

    the lads and th organization behind them deserve this. Great signings and tons of fortitude on the players part, What a season.
  5. daft yank

    TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Manchester City

    I believe we will draw or better maybe a win. City have to have a weakness and maybe that weakness is that they have the league won all ready? Liverpool gave it to them in C.L. and then they let Man U. beat em I think we could do well
  6. daft yank

    Champions League 2019

    although techinally/mathematically we aren't there yet, with the draw between Chelsea and West Ham, I think it's time to get out the Champagne. There's very little chance that we won't be playing with Europe's elite next year
  7. daft yank

    Rumours regarding Toby Alderweirald

    all of our players deserve better wages, but pretending to be injured for contract negotiations is not the way to go. Roberto Martinez is reportedly ready to drop Toby from Belgium's Roster if he doesn't play soon for them. This can kill your "career stats" and make it harder to negotiate higher wages with in the transfer market. I wonder if Cameron Carter-Vickers might want to replace Toby next season? My guess is yes
  8. daft yank

    Luke Shaw

    I don't know his wages either but given that Jose is such a jack-ass I bet that he might pay us just to get out of Manchester
  9. daft yank

    Luke Shaw

    especially Sanchez, and De Gea is the only one actually earning his wages as far as I'm concerned
  10. daft yank


    I fear we will end up fifth given our remaining schedule. Chelsea seem happy that Ross Barkley will be back from injury for their match against us, I think that is good news for us.
  11. daft yank

    Luke Shaw

    I'm not sure who would come out on top in a direct swap. with our luck Shaw would end up injured, and Rose would come on strong again
  12. daft yank

    Luke Shaw

    Plenty of talk linking him to a move to Spurs in the summer. I think that under MoPo;s tutelage he would work out well for us at the right price.
  13. daft yank

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cromulentmart

    Ditto, Relax and have an enjoyable day sir
  14. daft yank


    Maybe with Mark Hughs at the helm, South Hampton might get by Chelsea. Leicester almost did
  15. daft yank


    two thoughts why couldn't we have drawn South Hampton,, and secondly, god I hope we advance and Chelsit advance, and then its on like Donkey Kong