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  1. LondonIrish

    PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Sunderland

    Kane was shocking,goal or not. Only Son and Walker had good games,not impressed with Sissoko. Jansen miss was reminiscent of Chadli,let's hope he gets a brace against the Gills. Insipid stuff.
  2. LondonIrish


    Can't wait for the game,will be there,should be electric. Wont be easy,Monaco top of their league. 2-1 Spurs
  3. LondonIrish


    This might sound a bit trite after he scored 2 goals,but I honestly am of the opinion. Needs another season.I completely wrote Lanela before start of last season,and his warrior heart completely changed my opinion.I agree with with calculated decision Boro,but give the boy this season.
  4. Hmmm. I don't pretend to know more about football than MoPo,but... I guess time will tell on Panique Buye.
  5. Leicester getting Slimani. Southampton got Boufal. We sign N'Koudou. Fucking embarrassing.
  6. There is a reason Mitchell is fucking off and MoPo has pissed off on holiday. Another window where the bloodsucking whoremongers make money out of our beautiful club.
  7. Hold the front page,we have officially announced N'Doodoo. Unless the fucker is Messi/Ronaldo/Jesus combined,we will get gangfucked this season. PS He isn't.
  8. This is getting embarrassing. What other 2bob players will we mad panic to get in??? Fucking shitshow.
  9. Deadline Transfer Day. Or Wednesday as Levy calls it.
  10. Max Meyer for £38million anyone? Defo see this happening...
  11. Succinctly put my Welsh wordsmith. I don't know the root cause of the malaise around the team at the moment,but it worries the shit out of me. We desperately need at least 1 marquis player to give the rest of thema kick in the arse. I'm another idiot who has taken today off,it better be a ducking blockbuster...
  12. I said the same about Lamela last year... Give Son another year.
  13. Does anyone wonder if Mitchell climbed out the toilet window,because transfer news has fucking dried up.
  14. Bet Levy not paying for his hotel...
  15. LondonIrish


    Not seen the game,but I hear the new lad was absolutely shocking. Delle his name?